Isabel Oakeshott deserves an OBE for leaking these damning text messages

The Matt Hancock files: Former health secretary disputes 'distorted' leak  over Covid care home testing | TalkTV

A new day, a new scandal. This one however is still emerging.

Matt Hancock, former Health Secretary in the British Government, has been gloriously betrayed by his former biographer, Isabel Oakeshott. She has leaked over 100,000 Whatsapp messages which Hancock – unbelievably – gave her!

I mean, what did he think she was going to do? She called the lockdowns, masking and other insane government policies an unmitigated disaster! This release will stop the government whitewash inquiry in its tracks! This is exactly what was needed and at exactly the right time. We here in Australia need a similar leaker to emerge. Any takers?

The release only just happened so the dust is still clearing, but this one particular snippet came across my computer and I thought I would share it.

For those, like myself, who have called this a scamdemic or plandemic, here is the proof we needed of the accuracy of that claim.

In this thread, Matt Hancock is speaking with his special advisor, Damon Poole. They are discussing when was the best time to ‘deploy’ the new variant in order to “frighten the pants of [sic] everyone.

These two criminals – along with the other crims in government – were playing theatre with people’s lives and had no conscience whatsoever as to the effects their actions had on those they were supposed to serve and protect.

More will be emerging regarding these 100,000+ messages, but it’s past time to hold those responsible for the last 3 years accountable to the full extent of the law they have so far managed to evade.

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