Victor Tey and Renee Altakrity are two of the pioneers of pushback against over-zealous policing under harsh Covid-19 restrictions.

Thanks to your support through our Fight The Fines initiative, their cases will be now heard in the NSW Supreme Court after Victor had one his matters dismissed in the magistrates court.

Now, alongside Renee, he’s heading to the Supreme Court for the remaining two on constitutional grounds in what will be precedent-setting cases.

Those following Rebel News since the start of the pandemic will remember Victor Tey, the Christian community leader who was fined and arrested for literally exercising his rights during a lockdown.

In May 2020, the world watched on in horror as Renee’s child was ripped from her arms as she was dragged into the back of a police van for simply carrying a sign objecting to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sadly situations like this have become the new normal during the pandemic.

C Shamsabad, a solicitor at Banga Legal representing in the matters, highlighted the importance of the cases appearing before the courts.

Essentially, if we can take this matter all the way and we can get a successful outcome in this matter, the right to protest will be preserved no matter what strain comes next and no matter what strain of authoritarian thinking might pop up in society,” he said.

The right to protest is something which is reserved for all Australians whether you are on the far left or far right of politics, as long as you’re legally protesting, you should have a right in this country to go out and express your thinking.

That’s something that is fundamental to who we are as a country and that’s essentially what the purpose of this case is to preserve.”

For Victor, the case reaching the Supreme Court is a major milestone in his fight for justice.

19 months ago when I started walking outside Parliament House with a friend I didn’t know what was going to come of this. I didn’t know if it was going to make a difference,” he said.

I thought if I got a fine I would just go to court to fight that fine myself and so be it, at least I tried.

“But now because of Rebel News and because of your generous supporters, I’m so pumped about this supreme court challenge because now our case is going to be the one that actually goes to the supreme court and is going to fight for our right to freedom of political expression.

I’m just so glad that Rebel News is taking this on and we can help potentially thousands of others that are in the same situation.”

The police brutality needs to stop,” Renee added.

The memory will never go away. It’s tough. But I know I am a strong girl and I will overcome anything and so will my son and my family.”

PLEASE HELP! We need your help to escalate Victor and Renee’s matters. With your help through Fight The Fines, we’re making a difference. Victor and Renee still need your help, as the case in the Supreme Court is an expensive proposition with legal costs estimated at about $150,000.

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