Australian Doctors Call to suspend all COVID-19 vaccinations pending full investigation with special guest and world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra 


World-renowned cardiologist, public health campaigner and best-selling author Dr Aseem Malhotra will be touring Australia with the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society (AMPS), sponsored by TNT Radio, beginning on May 27th.

The tour will cover several cities across the country, raising public awareness about vaccine injuries and providing a risk-benefit, evidence-based analysis of the covid vaccines with special emphasis on cardiovascular complications and solutions.

Dr Malhotra in partnership with AMPS aims to cure the pandemic of misinformation. He says, “The Covid-19 vaccination rollout is perhaps the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime”. The tour will cover topics such as the harms of vaccines, the dangers of medical censorship, the importance of informed consent, and the need for medical professionals to have representative associations such as AMPS.  AMPS is a non political union representing doctors in Australia who want to reclaim medical ethics, and the primacy of the doctor patient relationship. AMPS is fighting back against government overreach and medical censorship for the health and safety of the public.  

The tour is open to the public and will provide an opportunity to engage with Dr Malhotra and other experts in the field.  

  The team is working hard towards securing events in all states and looks forward to providing you with more details soon. Additional meetings for Health Professionals only are also being held in some states.  Learn more here.  

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