AMN - WHO’s calling the shots?  Why Australia must STOP the WHO"

A special AMN Investigation

AMN has written a briefing paper with the purpose of raising awareness about the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the WHO Pandemic Treaty, which will potentially significantly interfere with Australians’ ability to make our own decisions about our health and health policy.

The Proposed changes to our international legal obligations mean that Australian public health responses to pandemics and other public health emergencies will be determined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and related foreign actors, bureaucrats and not by Australia’s democratically elected parliamentarians or doctors. It is crucial every Australian write to and phone their local federal member and share your concern and the AMN briefing paper.

On 22 May 2022, the unelected World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Health Assembly (WHA) conducted a milestone meeting, where it took initial steps to take control of each country’s health system under the benevolent guise of a global pandemic treaty. AMN wrote to the Australian Federal Government in May 2022 raising this matter and for the government to take action and avoid Australia becoming obligated under that treaty. AMN has to date not received a response.

The WHO plans to implement the treaty in 2024 and the Australian Government has to date not disclosed to Australians who is representing Australia at the WHO. The government has also not published details of Australia’s proposed position with respect to the treaty and any and all proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations

Every Australian needs to stand up, and demand that health policy is decided in Australia, rather than by foreign and domestic unelected bureaucrats. We urge you to read the briefing paper and spread this message. Every Australian must act to oppose the WHO.

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