NZ government has been caught in a crime of mass poisoning, and is lashing out by using psychological and physical torture techniques on a mother and her newborn children.

I participated in the online event in support of baby Will – a 4 months old in need of heart surgery, whose parents did not wish to have Covid-19 vaccinated blood. I enjoyed speaking with Liz Gunn and a team of producers at Counterspin Media. The story caught worldwide attention due to concerns of many (including myself) with effects of blood degradation that are well documented in covid vaccinees. There simply have not been any systematic research on how any of this affects blood banks, and certainly no research on what this might cause in babies. Covid-19 vaccines are not approved for babies less than 6 mo, and in a desperate attempt to force their psychopathic power, the hospital argued that Will was a 6 months old since he was born premature.

Art piece for today. In honor of Sam and the eternal power of a mother to protect and nurture her child. Eternal, 16×20 inch, oil on panel.

The depth of their evil depravity is unfathomable. Below is the message from Liz Gunn, reproduced in entirety.

“9 Dec 2022 -in reply to NZ msm request for interview :

Only 2 hours sleep as stayed up to help Sam through her protracted ordeal in which they allowed her to be in the room with her taken baby ONLY under extreme and inexplicable conditions.

These conditions included zero physical contact even when he was crying for her ( he never normally cries ). They demanded Sam agree that Starship would enforce the operation against her will, at 8. am , and he would not be allowed to have her gowned up and with him .

There were many other coerced agreements -most egregiously , and inexplicably , that she could sit through the night in the lazy boy chair across from his cot , in the pre op room , but if her eyes shut at all , in sleep , she would be taken back to the ward and not allowed to see him before this forced operation .

Sam suffered extreme exhaustion from the starship medical team’s equally extreme psychological wearing down of them both ( as Cole puts it -” the doctors and some nurses lied to us all day and then did the opposite of their promises to us ” -as well as repeatedly , suddenly swarming their room in large groups with numerous security people in tow , throughout the day ).

Yet her extreme exhaustion paled into insignificance next to her total maternal determination to be in the same room as her tiny baby.  Prior to last night , Baby Will had never been off Sam’s body for more than a short period, and had always had her smell and touch and voice a mere second away from him , should he need her . Last night , Starship banned both mother and baby from that most fundamental    of our human needs .

Sam sat through this long dark night of the soul with a determination that is almost unfathomable .

The Mental Stress of first 3 , and then 4 , guards in her room , with absolutely zero human compassion or kindness towards her , (just cold and robotic and merciless) , and above all the banning of Cole , the man who supports and loves her , is something that will surface in Sam over the coming days and weeks and months .  

We will need as a society to tend to this family , and surround them as a country, with the love and nurture that a healthy hospital should have offered them all along .

Instead, Starship offered them a form of extreme brutality and , last night , an almost complete removal of Sam’s human and parental rights.

Any good journalist must now ask one singularly important question of this Starship hospital , of the NZ police , of the Min of  “Health” , and of the prime minister of NZ – W-H-Y?

Why was this level of extreme mental and physical suffering, inflicted on this good and gentle mother ?

Sam said at 7.30 am to me, that last night was the most traumatic thing she has ever experienced.

Her milk is being affected by the stress . No one offered her health care or nursing basics in that hospital last night. Her other son was with her to be fed but he is struggling even today with crying -where he is normally so calm . He seems to be affected by all the stress on Sam, which this hospital went out of its way to load up and maximise.

To have swarms of police in the corridors late last night was an added mystery .Why ? For two loving parents -and one tiny defenceless baby who only ever wanted his mother and father calmly with him ?

Is this a government level decision ? If so , why ?

Is it to send a message to all parents like this : -” This is what you will also get if you question government or bureaucratic ( NZ Blood ) policy,  or refuse to do exactly as we, the government, want ? “

Could this be one possible explanation ?

We need any remaining real journalist in MSM to investigate why this government sanctioned such wrongdoing in its supposed leading children’s hospital .  

There are so many other issues for an ethical and capable and funded msm journalist to pursue in this story , beginning with deep cross examination of all those people listed .( 8 paragraphs above )

I leave you with the following interview which highlights the sort of doctoring that now seems to be totally missing from Starship care .

Yesterday morning , through the many offers of help for Sam and Cole and Baby Will , we tracked down two of the finest pediatric cardiologists in America .

Listen to their humanity , their total respect for the patient , and parents , and above all this :        

” Baby Will does not require urgent surgery in our provisional opinion , having studied his vitals , his medical records and having looked at him for an extended period with his parents on zoom . He is alert , calm , interacting , zero signs of respiratory stress, eating  well , emptying well , and strong in his muscle tone . He is putting on weight . He needs the operation certainly , but we would not consider this baby to be in the Urgent category”  

( paraphrased )

The integrity and quality information from these cardiac specialists makes them shining examples and leading lights , against the sordid darkness unleashed in the name of ” health ” in Starship last night.

One final note -Dr Kirk says in this interview that going into an operation of such magnitude as heart surgery for a tiny vulnerable 4 month old boy , there is one requirement above all else : the mother and baby must be in a state of utmost calm and trust .

This alone, he said , has a huge impact on the chances of strong recovery and successful outcome, for any baby having such a serious operation .

Baby Will went into that operation today in stress, and wanting his mother’s hugging and soothing .

The Starship hospital did not allow even that one small act of kindness and humanity . Sam did not get to hold her baby . Had he died , how would those people who did this to Sam , have felt ? Do they have any normal human compassion at all ?

I believe the next government of NZ , which cannot be brought in soon enough for most New Zealanders seeing the unfolding of this horror , should set up a detailed Royal Commission of Inquiry with a focus on the upliftment of Baby Will and the maximising of stress for this baby , and his mother and father , at a time when any humane organisation would have insisted on the opposite for these three gentle souls .

Every parent who loves their child , every grandparent who seeks safety for their mokopuna , will support this demand for deep examination of this now exposed , and deeply flawed , hospital system in Starship .”

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