How advocating for fundamental women’s rights suddenly became a polarising issue

Who could have anticipated that advocating for women’s rights in the 21st century would be misconstrued as a ‘far-right’ stance? It is disheartening to witness how the advocacy for fundamental women’s rights, such as the right for (biological) females, including minors, to feel safe in public toilets, change rooms, and showers (separate from biological males), has become such a divisive and polarising issue.

Moreover, it is concerning to contemplate how we reached a juncture where the pursuit of ‘civil rights’ in the 21st century seemingly revolves around adult biological men asserting their ‘right’ to share bathrooms and showers with women, including young girls, or to read inappropriate stories about sex and gender theory to children aged 1-6 in public libraries and schools while dressed in drag (and sexually suggestive clothing).

Vallejo library's Drag Queen Story Hour draws small protest – Times-Herald

In an even more bizarre turn of events, we find ourselves in a time where the physical assault of women by biological men is widely televised, applauded and celebrated, simply because the aggressor identifies as a “female” and the act is seen as a form of “sport” or “entertainment.” This normalisation of violence against women is deeply troubling to say the least.

Recent events in the Australian State of Victoria highlight this bizarre state of affairs. Moira Deeming, a member of the State opposition party (a supposedly “conservative” party), participated in a rally for women’s rights and safe spaces titled “Let Women Speak” alongside well known feminists Posie Parker and Angie Jones. Unfortunately, the event was infiltrated by Neo-Nazis, despite having no affiliation with the organizers or Deeming herself. Strangely, the police allowed these intruders to disrupt the rally and even provided security and a police escort for the thugs.

In the aftermath, John Pesutto, the leader of Deeming’s party, made defamatory allegations against Deeming and the rally organisers, falsely linking them to Neo-Nazis. This accusation was based on flimsy evidence from a Wikipedia search conducted by one of Pesutto’s staff members. Despite the baselessness of the claims, Pesutto attempted to have Deeming expelled from the party, resulting in her nine-month suspension.

Last week, Deeming rightfully demanded a retraction of the defamatory allegations from Pesutto and threatened legal action if no retraction was forthcoming. In response, Pesutto and his allies successfully expelled her from the party on May 12. The political left – once a staunch advocate for women’s rights – celebrated her expulsion.

In response to the expulsion of Moira Deeming from the party, James Newbury, a senior member of the “conservative” party and the individual responsible for initiating her expulsion, made a statement suggesting that one cannot sue their “boss” as it would be considered an act of “betrayal.” However, it is important to remind Newbury that Australia’s political system is not based on the CCP political system, where loyalty to the leader is expected. Instead, it follows the Western Democratic Westminster system.

Under this system, Deeming’s (and Newbury’s) “boss” is not a single individual, but rather the electorate they represent. These are the people who directly voted for Deeming and pay her salary as a public servant. In this democratic framework, the power lies with the citizens, and elected officials are accountable to their constituents.

Newbury’s statement unintentionally raises an intriguing point about the current state of Australia’s political landscape. It prompts us to consider whether it is time to move away from the long-standing two-party duopoly of Liberal and Labor.

Sanity no longer seems to exist in Victoria and the lunatics are running the asylum. So, what is the solution to this insanity? While I don’t profess to have the answer, one thing that could get us through this challenging period is humor.

I made the video below in attempt to bring some humor while poking fun at our CCP compromised politicians (who seem to be obsessed with pushing radical gender ideology at the expense of our women and children).

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