Do you really think that the scamdemic was the first time our governments tried to kill us? Think again. Actually THINK full stop!

The following information was inspired by the video above by Defender of the Republic on YouTube and compiled by Just-Ice.

It is sobering to understand that our governments really don’t care whether we – the taxpayers who keep them in office and who they are supposed to represent and protect – live or die. In fact, according to all the available information, I believe they would generally prefer if we die.

Is the government a terrorist cabal worse than the Nazis, Al Kaida, Mao or Stalin? The fact that I can’t answer that question really means to me that it is.

A Selection of Government Harms against the People

By no means an exhaustive list, below is a collection of some instances where government and associated officials and entities delivered egregious harms on unwitting groups of people. The decision-makers either had foreknowledge, or progressive awareness of harms. In all cases, harms continued regardless of this knowledge.

While the majority of the list below cites events in USA, just as with the COVID-19 response, at least a percentage of these historic abuses were mirrored or extended elsewhere. The only conclusion has nothing to be with borders, but with the required shock and alarm that supposedly civilised elected officials have an astonishing track record of abuse of human rights.

Please note from examples below the remarkable similarities to the COVID response mentality, divisiveness, and discrimination.

  1. 1920-33, Government poisons alcohol sources during prohibition, thousands die, hundreds of thousands harmed
  2. 1915-40s, the Pellagra Incident, officials withheld known cures for two decades to a diet deficiency disease, making it the 8th leading cause of death at the time
  3. 1947, Radioactive experiments on humans, carried out over many years on the same population, govt suppressed data on adverse reactions to avoid legal accountability
  4. 1932-72, The Tuskegee Experiment, doctors purposely withheld treatment from hundreds of unwitting ‘volunteers’, subjecting them to unnecessary terrible suffering, disabilities and death, with innocent secondary impacts on spouses and children
  5. 1956-61, The Thalidomide disaster, a supposedly harmless drug that was never properly tested, and ‘hidden’ in other medication caused the miscarriages and malformations of babies; subsequent testing proved its diabolical impact and thus regulatory rules were revolutionised (except one must wonder why they have been abandoned in current times)
  6. 1966, Germ Warfare tested in NYC subways at peak hour, officials withheld information from police, transit authorities, and the public; one of 239 experiments conducted on unwitting populace by the military over a 20-year period
  7. 1996, Measle vaccine – undisclosed risks, unlicensed vaccine tested in Africa and Haiti with concerning increase in death rate among female infants; later used on 1500 minority infants in US – no warnings given to parents

Digging into the minutia (not all details in this doc), it is interesting to see the same baseline tactics/responses in the bigger actions:

  • fear campaign
  • tribalise, with prejudice and divisive language, smearing and segregation
  • promote singular ‘safe’ solutions while suppressing others
  • shoddy / absent testing
  • 180 degree pivots on what is ‘for your good’
  • pushing for profits, and ends justifies means mentality
  • minority speaking against it are pilloried

And so on … very familiar to us by now.

For the more complete list, download the PDF:

Click the download button below to read the rest of the outrages against innocent citizens. And keep in mind that this is far from a complete list – not even close.

Government Harms

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