You Can Protect Our Democracy

‘Big Tech’ corporations have too much influence on our country. These enormous, foreign-owned companies are wielding their power and influencing our national conversations, steering them away from what really matters to millions of Australians like you.

And they’re infiltrating our economy, weakening our security and endangering our future.

Their unchecked influence on the media, public discourse, and even political parties threatens to destroy Australian democracy as we know it. 

The Government must explore what needs to be done to protect the Australian democracy from unrestrained ‘Big Tech’ corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It’s time for us as Australians to take back control of our country from these corporations that don’t care about anything other than profit margins and shareholder returns.

So, please add your name to this letter today to support our joint action in calling for action against Big Tech!

Open Letter of Support of Senator Alex Antic’s Call for action against the unchecked influence of ‘Big Tech’:

I’m concerned that ‘Big Tech’ corporations have too much power and influence over our democracy in Australia.

I am concerned by the influence they are wielding in shaping public discourse to their will and even infiltrating our businesses, governments and personal data.

Freedom for Australia means freedom from Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

You have my support in calling action to reign in the power of these large, foreign-owned companies and the effect they are having on our democracy.

I join you in asking the Government to do what is right, and stand up for Australia’s safety, independence and freedom. 

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