To me personally, watching this interview with Pascal Najadi was Dostoevsky-level cathartic. It was cathartic because it was like watching a child, who is not a child but a ridiculously courageous and smart and highly successful man, come of age and shed delusions right in front of my eyes.

I almost gave it a sub-headline “very rich man discovers mob in the West” but due to his great courage and his dramatic family history, I couldn’t do that, it would have been wrong to do that. He is a brave human being. He deserves applause. But that’s none the less precisely how I felt about it when watching it. A total cognitive dissonance: a mix of tremendous respect for his current undeniable courage—and a scream from here to the moon over my pain of three years, the pain that I didn’t want to feel. Like, how can somebody so obviously smart not see something so obviously true, until now? Why were those of us who saw it early so alone?!

Hence the catharsis. Not judgement—judgement is not my job, and I am imperfect myself in many ways, and today he is a hero—but catharsis, because if he and people like him weren’t so blind to the obvious for so long, if he and people like him said something early on and didn’t comply with segregation and abuse, perhaps we all would have been in a different place. All of us. In a different place. So now, I just want to cry together with him. He would cry honest, salty tears for his former naïveté and his current pain, and I would cry honest, passionate salty tears for my pain over the past three years and for the current state of affairs that didn’t have to be.

Now though, he is really putting himself out there in a way that is courageous as hell and unique to him. For that, hats off to him. So yes, Pascal Najadi, a retired international banker in Switzerland who has filed criminal charges against the president of Switzerland, is undoubtedly a brave man.

Pascal filed the charges against the president of Switzerland—who also serves as the Health Minister of Switzerland—for his handling of the COVID crisis and the criminal push for what turned out to be unsafe and ineffective injections, of which Pascal himself had received three doses back when he complied.

And in my eyes, he is even braver because his father, Hussain Najadi, had been assassinated several years ago, and Pascal believes that was assassinated for reporting corruption. So it takes some balls to go against the Machine with his family history. That is true.

Here is Pascal’s formal bio:

Pascal Najadi is a renowned international Swiss Investment banker, film maker, author and the son of Hussain Najadi, the founder of AmBank Group in Malaysia, who was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 29th 2013. Pascal Najadi served as a Management Board Member at Dresdner Bank, London and was in charge of Emerging Markets Capital Markets business covering Central Europe, Central Asia, the Russian Federation, Africa and the Middle East from 1993 until 2003. He was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, on August 20th 1967. His mother is Heidi Anderhub-Minger, a direct descendant of Rudolf Minger, former Swiss Federal Counsel and Swiss President before and at the beginning of WW2.

Pascal Najadi is also a film producer and has produced the Swiss cinema movie “GROUNDING, the last days of Swissair” (2006), voted as one of the best films ever in Swiss film history. He has started producing a full feature docu-drama “The Najadi Assassination” in summer 2022 about the assassination of his late father Hussain Najadi in Malaysia. The renowned Swiss Filmmaker and Film Director Michael Steiner is part of his production team.

The killing of Hussain Najadi still remains a mystery today as it was clouded by the Malaysian 1MDB scandal that has brought former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak into prison in 2022. The US Department of Justice labelled the 1MDB scandal the largest kleptocracy heist in history. More than 4.7 billion USD have been laundered through 1MDB and its web of companies with the help of international banks and eventually AmBank, Kuala Lumpur, the bank founded by Hussain Najadi in 1975. Pascal Najadi is known to be committed to uncover the truth behind the assassination.

Pascal Najadi resides in Switzerland and is married to Anna Najadi-Janson, a professional Swiss photographer.

Sorry about a scrambled report, this interview made me feel really cathartic, I just want to pinch myself and wake up in a world where most are brave. I know we are walking our own journeys. I know. I know it ends well. But maybe we can cry those salty tears together, and swear to be brave from now on.

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