We could end the debate on COVID vaccine safety instantly. All we need is the death-vax record data. But today, that data is being concealed by the health authorities in every jurisdiction. Here’s why

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Executive summary

A simple database of death-vax records should be made publicly available by the CDC and other health authorities worldwide.

The death-vax records can be analyzed in seconds using a variety of totally objective methods to show whether the COVID vaccines have increased or decreased all-cause mortality in each age range.

No medical records, cause of death, etc. are required or needed. Just the age, date of death, and dates of vaccination are all that is required for each death since the start of the COVID vaccination program.

The death-vax data has been collected, but it has never been made publicly available anywhere in the world. There is no PII or HIPAA violation by disclosing the records.

There is absolutely no excuse for this data not to be made PUBLICLY available now.

Because kids are most at risk, universities in particular should be demanding data transparency of the death-vax records.

It is immoral and unethical for universities to mandate COVID vaccines if the health authorities refuse to show us the death-vax database records that would justify their use.

The death-vax record data

The death-vax data consists of one record for each death since Dec 14, 2020 to the present with these columns:

  • Age
  • Date of death
  • Date of each COVID vaccine administered (blank if unvaccinated)

That’s it.

Does that sound like too much to ask for?


  • Manufacturer of each dose (blank if unvaccinated)
  • State (e.g., California)

In the US, the death data is already collected by the CDC for the entire country. The immunization data is available from each state.

The CDC could quickly collect this information, do the database join, remove the PII fields, and make this database publicly available.

This would reveal to the entire world whether the vaccines are safe or not. Instantly. No more debates.

No medical records are required. No judgment is required. The analysis is all based on mathematics and the law of large numbers. If the vaccines are saving lives, we’ll know it. If the vaccines are killing people, we’ll know it.


EVERYONE should be demanding to see the death-vax record-level data. It can be easily compiled. It is dispositive. We’d know instantly whether the vaccines are safe or not. No more arguments. No more debates. No more censorship. One and done.

Yet, nobody in the mainstream infectious disease or epidemiology community seems to care about seeing this data. Nobody is calling for it. Why is that? Are they afraid of being proven they are wrong?

If the vaccine is so safe, they should be shouting for the release of this data from the rooftops because nearly 80% of the public is no longer drinking the Kool-Aid:

But the authorities are remaining silent and keeping the data under wraps. That can only mean one thing: the data is horrible and they know it. That’s why they are hiding it from public view.

That’s not just a hunch. I did my own data collection and analysis. Even after adjusting for the bias of the reporters (by restricting the analysis to just parents and grandparents of the reporter), the signal of harm was huge.

Science used to be about data. Not anymore.

Science used to be about data and what the data shows. Sadly, today, science is about what the CDC says, even if there is no data in support of the recommendation whatsoever.

The most stunning example of this is the “six foot rule.” Did you know that it was entirely fabricated out of thin air? From Presidential Takedown page 49:

What is even more stunning is that the CDC has never admitted this publicly. This is evidence that they are a corrupt organization and the corruption goes to the very top of the organization.

We have over two years of data. Why not make it public?

We now have over two years worth of death and vaccination data for people who died after getting a COVID shot, yet nobody wants to see the record level data tied to the vaccination dates?!?!

Let me be perfectly clear:

This is an abject failure of the entire medical community for not demanding to see this data.

People paid for us to see this data with their lives. Why is it being hidden from us?

In the US, hundreds of millions of people participated in a massive clinical trial and have data to share with people. At least 500,000 of the participants paid the ultimate price: they sacrificed their lives to send a message to America about the vaccines. It is extremely disrespectful to these people to ignore their death data and not share it with the public. Why are we not allowing these people to share their data?

Do you think if we could ask those people right before they died, “Do you want to let others know what killed you?” Do you think they would all say, “No! Don’t let anyone know. Please keep it a secret!”?

Every institution in the world that is recommending or requiring COVID vaccination should be DEMANDING to see this data made public

John Beaudoin and I have been calling for the death data to be set free and made public. We have been ignored.

Why aren’t any of these organizations calling for data transparency here so we can learn the truth?

  1. The mainstream medical community
  2. Heads of state throughout the world
  3. The CDC
  4. The FDA
  5. The White House
  6. Congress
  7. The mainstream media
  8. Public health authorities
  9. Any doctor or nurse who recommends the jab to patients
  10. Universities who mandate the vaccines for students, staff, or faculty
  11. Any organization that supports COVID vaccines for their members, employees, or visitors

The data exists in VSD as well. But the CDC won’t allow anyone to see it.

The data exists in every state health department. But you can’t FOIA it because it requires a join to avoid PII problems and FOIA requests are not allowed if they generate effort like that. So FOIA requests won’t work.

It’s time for everyone to demand that our health authorities “Show us the data!”

We should all refuse to comply until they produce it.

Do you remember the movie Jerry Maguire?

Who could ever forget the classic “Show me the money!” scene from the movie Jerry Maguire?

In the same way Tom Cruise said passionately “Show me the money,” everyone all over the world should be equally passionate with their doctors and healthcare authorities and demand: “Show me the DATA” before we agree to comply with their requests/demands regarding vaccination.

Civil disobedience in Canada

Check out this video from True North entitled “Show us the data and evidence” that described the civil disobedience in Canada:

Business owners and local politicians are pushing back against the government’s lockdown measures. Their ask of the government is simple – if you’re going to shut us down, show us the data and evidence.

Calling all parents: ask your school why they aren’t calling for the data to be produced

The data that we have shows that the biggest harm is being done to kids.

Therefore, the biggest urgency is to put pressure on any school or university that recommends or requires the COVID vaccines to drop it immediately

Please ask the university president or head of school at any school your child attends to contact the CDC and let them know that if the CDC doesn’t make the death-vax record level data publicly available with the next 30 days, that the school will suspend their COVID vaccination policies until such time as this data is produced and scientists can analyze it. That is the only ethical thing to do.

You can refer to my article in your email.

The public health authorities have been voluntarily keeping the data secret for two years now. That data would end the debate. We should not let them continue to get away with it.

All the excuses for not revealing this data are just that: excuses

I was just notified I will have the death-vax record data from one of the US states soon. It’s in progress.

If anyone thinks I’m bluffing, I’m happy to bet them $1M I’m not. Anyone want to call me on that?

So if the other states in the US are not able to produce their data, we’ll all just have to rely on the data from this one state, won’t we?

Wow. Talk about an epic failure of 49 out of 50 states…


It’s time for everyone to be demanding that the death-vax record data as described above be made public for everyone to see. There is absolutely no reason to keep this data hidden.

That data will tell us everything we need to know. It’s time to set the data free.

Show us the data. Show us the data. SHOW US THE DATA.

Source – https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/a-worldwide-call-for-data-transparency