Recent data on measles show vaccine ideology failing

More than one-third of US parents (35% to be exact) have now said they oppose vaccine requirements for school attendance – up from 23% pre-pandemic according to a new poll by KFF reported on by CNN.

What’s more, they still oppose mandates even if they feel this will increase risk, showing that for these people at least, there is still a belief that parents should be the ones making these decisions – not the government.

While the CNN story tries to extrapolate reduced vaccination to a higher risk of infectious diseases, claiming that there were increased numbers of measles cases in 2022 due to decreased vaccination, the CDC’s own information shows the complete opposite.

In 2019 which was the year before the scamdemic was declared, the number of measles cases was the highest reported for the last 10 years. 2020 and 2022, when the rate of measles vaccination plunged due to lockdowns and parental choice, cases were at or close to a 10-year low.

The good news is, people are finally waking up to the lies surrounding vaccination. Fewer parents support forced jabs for kids and in fact, the rate of parents giving their children jabs on the childhood schedule is declining. You can only tell a lie for so long before people start catching on.

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