In estimates I asked John Skerritt if he would apologise to the victims of the Moderna vaccine, particularly the mother of 21 year old Natalie who watched her daughter suffer before passing away.

Skerritt claimed Moderna was 100% effective in stopping death.

Rather than showing some humility and compassion, Skerritt blatantly lied to cover up his reckless and misleading statement.

Skerritt never referred to a New England Journal of Medicine once. He referred to 140 million Moderna doses used the US.

This is just another example of how Skerritt will lie to cover his crimes. And if he lied about this, what else did he lie about?

The 7 and 9 children whose deaths were given the causality decision by the AEFI assessment team comes to mind. Did Skerritt lie about that as well? He lies about everything else.

On script just as Skerritt’s lie is exposed I start getting abused by Senator Katy Gallagher as to my motive. This callous creature has no empathy either and is only interested in playing politics.

Full transcript of press conference is below and I quote:

“And of course, we can build on widespread global experience. So in the US alone, there has been over 140 million doses of Moderna used. The other really encouraging thing about Moderna is even after six months, it’s proving to be 93 per cent efficacious against any infection, 98 per cent against severe disease and 100 per cent against death. And that’s really exciting.”

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