Dear DailyClout,

I am a 62 year-old female. I went in for a routine bone density test and a mammogram today and answered all the pre-screen questions. After the mammogram, I had a question — just a gut feeling.

“Why did you ask me if I had been vaccinated and in which arm?”

The tech said, “Let me show you.”

The mammogram was up on the computer screen — with five bright spots! The tech explained that the spots were lymph nodes that inflame post-Covid vaccine! She said at first Radiologists were referring back to the PCP to rule out infection. Then they started biopsies. Finally, they determined that the inflamed lymph nodes were a result of the Covid vaccine! I asked her how long this will last. Her somber answer was, “We just don’t know.”

How can this not be in the news? My most regretted vaccine was in March of 2021. We thought we were doing the right thing for my husband due to his age and medical history. I asked my sister, who participated in a Moderna vaccine trial, when her last mammogram was done. She said it was eight months ago and those two questions were not asked.

Is this a new discovery in mammography? Why are we not hearing about it? I see numerous people that need to be jailed for this scam! I am curious to see what Dr. Malone’s response is to this.

I am still floored by what I was told today! My retired paramedic instinct did not digest that question or the response well at all!

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