According to new data from Australia, fatal heart attacks spiked by 17 percent in the country in 2022.

Australian media has rushed to explain why, using conventional, politically innocuous explanations that are considered part of accepted discourse.

The Sydney Morning Herald, for example, published an article attempting to definitively explain “why” there was such a rise.

The author states:

Cardiologists believe the increased deaths from ischemic heart disease are likely linked to the damaging effects of COVID, but also delayed diagnoses, prevention and treatment through the pandemic.”

The evidence for the former claim (COVID) is highly suspect. Prominent cardiologists such as Dr. Anish Khoka and Dr. John Mandrola have found the risk of COVID-induced cardiac problems is wildly overblown.

Amid all the discussion about COVID, pandemic stressors, and hospital delays (likely all factoring into the rise), there’s no reasonable consideration of cardiac side effects from the vaccine.

The author of the Sydney Morning Herald article briefly mentions vaccine myocarditis, but brushes it off right away:

While rare cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have been linked to COVID vaccines, the Therapeutic Goods Administration says most people get better within a few days.”

This is a stark diminution of the problem. As is widely agreed upon by cardiologists, the average case of myocarditis involves several months of reduced physical activity and a heavy load of medications that carry a host of side effects.

A gaping hole in the author’s argument is the wide body of evidence linking mRNA vaccines to acute cardiac events in real time.

In 2021, MIT researchers conducted a study in Israel comparing emergency services calls for acute cardiac events (cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome) during the time when the vaccines were distributed. The study specifically uses cardiac arrests in the under-40 population because undetected myocarditis is a leading cause, including in cases of cardiac arrest-induced sudden death.

The study found that cardiac arrest emergency services calls rose sharply right after the first doses of the vaccine were administered. Moreover, cardiac arrest calls were at their highest when the second vaccine dose was widely administered. As the researchers state, they identified a robust association between emergency calls and the distribution of mRNA vaccines, which may cause heart inflammation at a rate 61 times higher than COVID hospitalization risk in young men.

For all cardiac events, the researchers found a 25 percent increase in calls during the interval from January to May 2021 (when vaccines were rolled out), compared with the years 2019–2020.

Recently, Dr. Retsef Levi, the lead author of the study, posted a video calling for the suspension of mRNA vaccines, especially in young people, in light of all the alarming data that has been released since the publication of his study early last year:

Previously censored Dr. Andrew Bostom shared another crucial data point on Twitter:

A 61.5 percent rise in myocarditis-related hospital visits in Western U.S. hospitals during the months of January to May 2021 (when vaccines were rolled out) compared to pre-vaccination periods in 2019 and 2020.


Moreover, a recent study from scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center showed an alarming rise in deadly heart attacks in the second year of the pandemic:

By the second year of the pandemic, the ‘observed’ compared to ‘predicted’ rates of heart attack death had increased by 29.9% for adults ages 25-44, by 19.6% for adults ages 45-64, and by 13.7% for adults age 65 and older,” according to a Cedars-Sinai press release.

All this information is crucial for us to understand the constellation of factors behind the global rise in cardiac disease—from Israel, France, and Germany, to the United States, and now Australia. Both vaccine supporters and skeptics must rationally weigh the data and follow the evidence no matter where it leads. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has almost completely refused to question or expose the universal vaccination campaign pushed by public health authorities.

Instead of asking legitimate questions about the relationship between mRNA vaccines and rising heart problems, journalists have looked the other way, seeking alternate explanations such as increased used of “herbal supplements”:

In this bizarre Insider article, the cited cardiologist Danielle Belardo (who is not shy about her hatred for ‘anti-vaxxer-platforming’ Joe Rogan) irrationally fear-mongers about the powerful, stress-reducing herb ashwagandha — used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries — while turning a complete blind eye on the novel, under-tested Big Pharma product that is known to produce severe heart problems:

There are question marks on other supplements, such as ashwagandha, an evergreen shrub touted by celebrities for its perceived stress-reduction. The herb might have caused arrhythmia in some case studies, Belardo said, including one 2022 report that suggested the herb caused arrhythmias in a 73-year-old woman. The heart condition stopped when she no longer took ashwagandha. Researchers have not found a link between ashwagandha and heart problems in clinical studies.” 

Hopefully, as more data continues to pile up on the rise of heart conditions across the world, more journalists and mainstream scientists may start to spend less time on one-person obscure reports on Indian herbs and more time on the voluminous body of research on heart-damaging mRNA vaccines — no matter how politically inconvenient.

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