Call-to-action. Let’s comment on every platform we can to Eventbrite letting them know we disagree.

Whenever something like this happens, I literally shake my head and think to myself…”what idiots, they fuel our movement more every time they do something so ridiculous like this.”

They are putting on record which side of history they are on and one day, that karma will come back around.

Eventrite can’t stop the event, it will still go ahead through another purchasing software so what is the point? It’s really quite hilarious to me at this point.

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This is what I wrote;


@eventbrite canceled @P_McCulloughMD Australian tour tickets. How petty. He is a world-renowned doctor! The event will go ahead anyway, but you have shown us which side of history you’ve chosen. You have just lost thousands of customers, hope your little hissy fit is worth it

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I will never host an event OR buy a ticket through @eventbrite again.
Canceling Dr. Peter McCullough’s Australian tour tickets is petty and unprofessional.
Dr. McCullough is a world-renowned doctor and a tax-paying citizen who is upholding his oath to ‘do no harm’. He has given up his life to research and share the truth, and YOU cancel him. How immature.
You have shown us all which side of history you are on, and we won’t forget.

You have just lost thousands of customers… congratulations.

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