It will take the medical community at least 10 years to figure this out, even though it was published in the peer-reviewed medical literature more than a year ago. Here’s why.

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George Fareed uses an early treatment protocol to reduce the chance of long-haul COVID to near zero.

This study, which I was involved in using fluvoxamine 50mg twice a day for 14 days, showed that in patients who got fluvoxamine early, there were no long-haul COVID symptoms compared to a 40% rate in the group who didn’t get the drug. That’s pretty much impossible if the drug didn’t work.

Today, I learned that there is actually a paper published in a peer-reviewed medical journal written by a friend of mine that showed the same thing: Early COVID-19 therapy with azithromycin plus nitazoxanide, ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in outpatient settings significantly improved COVID-19 outcomes compared to known outcomes in untreated patients. If you got treated early, there was no long-haul.

Finally, I called up George Fareed MD who has treated over 10,000 COVID patients with their early treatment protocol. He said their rate of long-haul COVID is “near zero.” There are no hospitalizations or deaths if the patient starts the protocol early in the disease.

The bottom line is that long-haul COVID is much easier to prevent than it is to cure and the simplest way to prevent it is to treat the virus early with an effective protocol.

Prevention is easy

Just recommend that the patient use an effective early treatment protocol which has a 95% or better track record of reducing hospitalization and death (such as the Fareed and Tyson protocol which is documented in a new book).

Will the medical community advise patients to do this?

It’s very unlikely because all early treatments were demonized by the NIH and CDC in order to allow for EUAs to be granted to the vaccine makers.

If the world ever found out that these treatments worked to prevent long-haul COVID, it would hurt the credibility of the NIH and CDC. So they keep that information from public view and recommend Paxlovid instead (which is not 95% effective and doesn’t reduce your rate of long-haul COVID).

As far as I know, there is not a single clinical practice guideline in any hospital in the world that recommends one of these proven early treatment protocols to reduce the rate of long-haul COVID. Am I wrong?

Look what the medical community did to Paul Marik. They fired him for using effective treatments!

Please watch this episode of American Thought Leaders where host Jan Jekielek interviews Dr. Paul Marik. Paul is absolutely awesome. It’s one of the best interviews I’ve seen about the pandemic.

Paul said:

“If we had adopted, as a number of countries have done, early, widespread, early treatment, we could have controlled and ended this pandemic in the middle of 2020,” says Marik. “But they don’t want you to know about this. They want you to stay at home, get sick, and then go to the hospital. It’s an outrage.”

Exactly right! He sounds just like me, doesn’t he?

At 11:00 into the video, Paul said the key is to treat people early with repurposed drugs. He’s exactly right! I figured this out in April 2020, shortly after the pandemic started and started the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund because no world government was spending any money funding the testing of these early treatment protocols. I asked the Gates Foundation for funding help. They gave me $0. So I put in $1M of my own money and raised another $5M from mostly private donors. Not a single state actor (local, state, or federal source) gave us a dime nor did they fund any of the most promising outpatient research trials.

The WHO didn’t fund a single outpatient trial that I’m aware of, for example.


Using a proven early treatment protocol (one that reduces risk of hospitalization / death by 95% or more) minimizes the risk of long-haul COVID to near zero.

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