A Just Conclusion? I Think Not.

Am I being a bit naive in assuming that judges selected to sit in one of the highest courts of the land, whose judgments affect the lives of millions, should have a more than passing acquaintance with, or at least attempt to obtain, the science behind scientific arguments they are called upon to weigh?

Far from being a ‘bear with little brain’ as one judge claimed; the pair of them were “Mice with keen Establishment brains” seeking a plausibly defensible legal ruling/bolthole to which their fast spinning legal legs and minds would let them scarper.

Whatever your thoughts on resisting the experimental gene jabs and ‘vaccine passports’, and if you and I are going to do anything of substance to prevent our own Lithuanian style impoverishment and subjugation – we must do it now – either by direct action or by supporting those who do act with determination.

Saying “The Law is an Ass” in this case is being kind. To say it is a heaving pile of blind, burrowing wormlike judges in a compost heap of dead laws and injustice would be closer to the mark. The rule of law has been abandoned.

So what does this mean for us? Either the medical tyranny, a criminal facade based on fraud is broken, you and I will perish. If you have not done so already please read the article

Lithuania: Vaccine passports transform society into a dystopian NIGHTMARE, forcing unvaxxed to live like FUGITIVES

This is what the Johnson Regime’s Care Home and NHS      ‘vaccination’ mandates mean to everyone. They are going for the weakest first, the path of least resistance. They think the women will stay quiet and their men do nothing.

This is evil, evil times, evil men in wigs and suits playing out and paying lip service to the empty ritual which was once vibrant law. If you think you can escape, think again.

Support the sacked care home workers now! Support the NHS workers who resist now! Get to know your fellow dissenters now!

Save yourselves now!

In Freedom, Justice and Democracy