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Dear all,
I intend to post a link to all the presentations / talks which were given at, or recorded for use at, the “Eye Of The Storm” symposium, which was organized for parliamentarians and media in Croatia last weekend.
You may already have seen some of those talks. Yesterday I posted Todd Callender’s overview of what has happened from a legislative perspective.
But while I wait for a link, please enjoy this message (sent the day after the event, to their team) on its impact so far.
Best wishes

Thank you for your contributions to the symposium held in the Croatian Parliament. As you probably grasped from our scattered and brief responses, the setting in the Parliament and for the event's broadcast were far from ideal. All in all, given the climate towards our activities, this was not surprising and we took all of the precautions that we possibly could. However, there were various obstacles and problems in the background of the event, that we were tackling to ensure that the "production" went out undisturbed to the outside world. To mention a few of the technical issues: internet connection was not stable and there was initially no video sound, so we needed to change the program plan while they fixed some of these problems. Also, the English soundtrack of the conference was not broadcast (we will see today if it was recorded at all or we need to restore the English soundtrack or use our recordings). As is to be expected, with all of the technical problems, our time was cut back. Therefore, we had no Zoom and four of the pre-recorded contributions did not get to be played. Naturally, we went with the people present to make sure that they had the floor as some travelled from overseas to participate. We do not want to take attention away from the actual content of the symposium by labouring over the circumstances and the obstacles we faced, so please only refer to some technical problems if you do. That would be of much help. We will not complain about not having access to coffee and food until 4 pm either :) ; we were all focused on making the event a success and we actually did. The reaction was stunning. It had a huge echo - both mainstream and alternative media were full of the event, even today. Circa 10% of the population watched online during the live broadcast. When MSM brought articles and reports, they reported factually, of course with some negative and even derogatory headlines, but all in all, the content was factual, with the live broadcast so popular of course they could not report differently. We will see where it takes us but it was definitely a huge success. We had media, including a main national TV channel, even the second day of the event, at the Forum.
We will be publicizing your materials and work the Croatian translations together with the actual event.

Thank you for all the work and contribution, it certainly did not go in vain.
After publicizing the materials we now have, we will be focusing on the next steps specific to Croatia.

Thank you for your help with all this - it is much appreciated,

Orsolya Győrffy
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SPARS 2025-2028
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Boris gives his 2023 version of "The dog ate my homework."

In this case, the dog is WhatsApp, eating 5,000 key messages, which have mysteriously gone "missing"

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10th December 1948
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is approved.

Article 3
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Do not be misdirected by the (bad) actors who claim to be on the side of the people but then reveal their true selves by displaying no compassion for innocent victims of genocide and in fact support it in the name of revenge.

These paid and played bad actors are not the real deal true selves. They may appear to resonate with the suffering, the downtrodden, the alienated, the victimised, the shunned, the marginalized, the fearful, the angry and the repressed but they are the bikini opposition.

They conceal the vitals that their masters tell them to and reveal enough to woo some hopers into followers.

Their name may not match their facade. You will know them by their deeds, see them by their true colours, hear them by what they don't say, sense them for who they don't criticise and recognise them for the evil they leave unchallenged.

Cultivating compassion is vital for humanity in order to make the shift from the tight grip line of control and dependency we have been toeing for eons.
Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week - Episode 1


- - - - - - - - - -

#10 - Alex Jones makes a series of terrifying predictions coming to the West.

#9 - John Kerry farts loudly while lecturing about reducing emissions.

#8 - Tucker Carlson explains why you’ll never get an apology for what happened during COVID.

#7 - Super scary “white lung disease” turns out to be an adverse event of special interest in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine documentation.

#6 - Vivek Ramaswamy calls the climate change agenda a “religion” and a “hoax” — and proves Nikki Haley doesn’t know basic Ukraine geography.

#5 - 49-year-old develops severe heart problems after new 5G antenna installed.

#4 - Robert Kennedy Jr. unmasks the ‘principal villains’ behind the COVID cover-up.

#3 - Slovakia shocks the world: new prime Minister rejects signing the WHO pandemic treaty.

#2 - Hunter Biden indicted on multiple felony tax charges, including “office expense” deductions for “over-the-hill” strippers.

#1 - NZ whistleblower arrested for exposing the truth about the jabs: here’s what they don’t want you to see.

Plus, an
exclusive interview with Liz Gunn discussing Barry Young’s arrest and the damning New Zealand COVID-19 vaccine data.

BONUS #1 - Unvaccinated dating guide: how to keep your love life jab-free.

BONUS #2 - “WHITE LUNG” comes to America as drug shortages grow.

BONUS #3: Bison organs have some incredible nutritional benefits that the globalists don’t want you to know about.

Special thanks to Maria Zeee for doing an incredible job hosting the first episode.

Please share and follow support our work — and stay tuned for episode 2 next Sunday!

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Forwarded from Robert Burrowes
Hi Everyone

Some of you have no doubt been following the deluge of info lately about the devastation caused by the mRNA ‘Covid-19’ death shots.

For example, there is plenty on the deaths being caused in this set of articles, which includes some criticizing the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (which went to the inventors of the shot):

Denis G. Rancourt PhD, Marine Baudin PhD, Joseph Hickey PhD & Jérémie Mercier PhD ‘Covid-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere’ 17 Sep 2023.

‘Global Study Links 17 Million Deaths to COVID-19 Vaccine, Reveals 0.126% Mortality Rate’ 1 Dec 2023.

Thomas E. Mulroney ‘N1-methylpseudouridylation of mRNA causes +1 ribosomal frameshifting’ 6 Dec 2023.

‘Staggering 17 Million Deaths Following Covid Vaccine Rollout, Study Claims – Watch Interview with Study’s Authors, Drs. Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin & Jérémie Mercier’ 8 Dec 2023.

‘A recent peer-reviewed article in Nature* is the “nail in the coffin” for both the mRNA-covid vaccine and this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine’ 9 Dec 2023.

Nobel Prize Protest 10 Dec 2023.

But if you haven’t checked out the work of Dr Michael Nehls, who offers a little more detail on how the shots are destroying the mental capacity of those who survive, you can get a taste from this article:

Dr. Michael Nehls ‘Nobel Prize for Making Possible the Genetic Lobotomy of a Large Part of the World's Population: Using the Nobel Prize in Medicine to Convince Vaccine Hesitants’ 26 Oct 2023.

His book will be published imminently:

Dr Michael Nehls, Naomi Wolf The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on Your Mental Freedom 12 Dec 2023.

Nehls’ conclusion is chilling:

‘It is imperative to convey that we’re all facing the grave and imminent danger of living under totalitarian conditions after the [Great Reset] is completed, or being ruled by humans and their machine and digital henchmen who have literally stepped over corpses and will most likely continue to do so to gain or retain power.’

Of course, the Elite has been killing many of us (orchestrated wars, genocides, disasters, economic depressions, famines...) and attacking the minds of those still alive ‘forever’ using everything from terrorization during childhood, propaganda and ‘childhood vaccines’ to pharmaceutical drugs, geoengineering and electromagnetic radiation (now 5G). More here: ‘The Elite’s 5,000-Year War on Your Mind is Climaxing. Can We Defeat it?’

If enough people participate in the ‘We Are Human We Are Free’ strategy, we can defeat all of the threats within the Elite program. One-page flyer in 23 languages here.

But we have a monumental fight ahead of us.

❤️❤️ Robert & Anita
Forwarded from Dr Tess Lawrie
Are you Covid vaccine-concerned? A spike protein and heavy metal detox may help.

If you are vaccine-concerned, you are not alone. Most people are now legitimately vaccine-concerned following revelations of regulatory failures, excess deaths, malfeasance, DNA contamination, sickness and shedding from the GMO products called Covid-19 vaccines. As such, many are looking for ways to reduce the risk to ourselves and our families.

The present situation is extraordinary…

The Covid-19 vaccines are causing iatrogenesis. If you have not have heard this term before, iatrogenesis means diseases, complications, or other ill effects caused by any medical activity, including diagnosis, intervention, error, or negligence.

To my knowledge we have never before been in a situation where pharmaceutical manufacturers, governments, and doctors alike have promoted a new and experimental medical technology without safety data to back it up. We have never been in a situation where iatrogenic disease has been caused on such a large scale. Neither have we seen this type of multi-system disease because the technology is totally novel. This means that many health professionals may not yet know how to prevent injury from Covid-19 vaccines, let alone treat it.

I am not telling you this to dishearten you… I am simply highlighting that there is no time like the present to take full control of our own health and health choices.

So, let’s take control of our own health.

Read the rest on my Substack.

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