SEND THE LETTER TO THE NATIONAL Member of the European Parliament (MEP) BY POST

Send the letter (the suggested text, below) to one of the national Member of the European Parliament (MEP) immediately!

(The letter has to reach EUP by 27 April. It takes approximately one week by post to get it to Brussels.)

How to find the MEP address

  1. Open this web page:
  2. Click on your country to find your national MEPs
  3. Click on the name of the national MEP to get the personal info, including address
  4. Print and send the suggested text (below):

Dear [Sir/Madam] [Name] (add the name of the national MEPs),
I am a voter in your constituency, and I am writing to ask you to vote AGAINST the proposed Digital Green Certificate currently on the table of the European Parliament.

I am against such a certificate because:

– it abolishes my inalienable right to decide over my body;
– it eliminates my other fundamental rights, including the right to free choice, right to consent, right to a dignified life;
– it eradicates Freedom of Movement within the European Union;
– it is Discriminatory; it introduces social APARTHEID in the European society;
– it endorses eugenic practices incompatible with European values and principles.

Think about your re-election. Vote AGAINST the proposed Digital Green Certificate.

Signature (please sign after printing, so that they can see it’s a real human being. the signature does not need to be understandable)


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