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28 12, 2020

Maneka Helleberg about the World Freedom Alliance

December 28, 2020|News|14 Comments

World freedom Alliance aims to create a network of networks bringing truth, freedom and best practice to the world. 

We are all facing big challenges together and the best chance we have to go through this even stronger and with the possibility of great changes for the good is to unite. We are all human and […]

25 12, 2020

Is there a need to vaxx the nation?

December 25, 2020|News|14 Comments

The goal of a vaccination

Generally speaking, a vaccination is a harm done in order to prevent something worse. By law, something like this is only allowed, if the result is really worth it – anything else could be considered an assault. A vaccine usually has the goal to confront the body with weakened viruses or bacteria in […]