World Freedom Alliance was born out of the great turmoil of the World Covid Crisis as we saw the need to create a network of networks to share best practice and ultimately create a new world organisation rooted in the simple needs and natural rights that we all have and co-create a better world that never again finds itself at this level of corruption and organized crime that we see in the world today.

At our first meeting in Berlin in September 2020 a highly creative and visionary discussion of the actions that were needed took place and the Berlin document was written. The next step was the formal creation of World Freedom Alliance in Stockholm the 1:st of November 2020. Since then the organizational plan and financial plan has been developed, we have held many great events joining some of the main people in the freedom movement together, together with our partners we have created a number of documentaries, live hearings and campaigns, and we have focus groups with dedicated people working to bring about the aims of the World Freedom Alliance. At todays date we have over 40 countries in our network and many more are joining every month.

Our plan of action is created as a co-creation ever developing document defining the road map and intentions of World Freedom Alliance. The goal is to re-define and add to this plan yearly. It is defined entirely through the contribution of our core team and extended core team, our country coordination teams and in collaboration with our advisors and organisations in our extended network.

The big vision of the World Freedom Alliance is to be the central hub and collaboration unit to create a new way of organizing ourselves as Humanity. Lets make it happen!

Lets take aligned action together!

When we as humanity can expose the truth of what is really going on, when we can stand united against the corruption and organized crime of today and when we start to co-create, support and share the good examples that can create a better world, that is when we will win and secure the future for our children.

This action plan has been created by World Freedom Alliance through the collaboration between everyone in our team and it will provide the road-map to take action and make it clear what out top priorities as a world organisation should be.

The main question for the World Freedom Alliance Action plan 2022/2023 is:

What is the top priority for the WFA network to take aligned action on and support in 2022 and 2023?

These are the steps we are taking to create the Action Plan:
Step 1 – Meetings with members and countries using fractal democracy – Completed
Step 2: Interviews with Advisors, Partner-organisations and Core team of WFA – Ongoing
Step 3: An Online Conference with partners and advisors with the following questions in focus:

  • How can we restore justice to the world?
  • How can we create new positive worldwide collaborations that are free of corruption?
  • What is the top priority for the WFA network to take aligned action on and support in 2022 and 2023 and how can we make it happen?

Step 4: The result will be a World Freedom Alliance Action Plan report that will be our guide for aligned action in 2022 and 2023.

For more information and donations to the Fractalcircles project, one of the tools we are using in the process of creating our action plan,  please go to:

To join in and make a difference, join our focus groups in our Telegram channels and support us by becoming a member of WFA.

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