It is the power of people who stand up that will change the situation we are in. You have more power and rights than you know and now is the time to use them. In these times of separation, we should look to reconnect at every opportunity. We are all part of this and communicating effectively will make a huge difference. Be flexible in what you do to have the most influence with others.

Sow small seeds to grow change in others. Stand up and be counted.

In this educational lecture of The World Freedom Alliance, you learn what you can do to make a difference and how you can communicate effectively with others, also with policemen who might use violence against you.

Presented by Mick Stott, retired British Army Captain with 30 years of service.

We love to welcome you on Wednesday 7th of April, 20.30 CET (be aware: one hour later than UK).

First 100 people can be there live in the Zoom. Zoom will be recorded.