UPDATE:  the woman has been released and the police and health authorities charged

The Finnish police broke into the home of a woman entrepreneur with “suspicion of a coronavirus”, and forcibly retrieved her from her home to take a COVID-testing in Iisalmi. The shocking arrest happened in the presence of her 11 year old child.

At the hospital, Merike Sirelpuu was chained to her bed for a day and locked in a closed ward where she still is. In an unprecedented way, the police has released her identity and picture, that media has now spread widely, because of her (according to the police) reluctance to give information on her movement and tracing info.

See a more detailed report here: https://fb.watch/41L8xnhT3B/

World Freedom Alliance condems the harsh and unlawful actions taken by the Finnish police, that
clearly violates fundamental rights and freedoms, and demands an immediate release of Merike

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