Sweden is like other countries shaken by the “Covid-19 crisis” – but how is out government handling this? We went from the only good, free country in the world with no lockdowns, masks etc. with some restrictions but fairly open – to the complete opposite starting in end of November. Now it’s all forced pandemic law, total restrictions. vaccination pass and lack of freedom and choice. Sweden is a country of democracy, and it goes long way back – maybe thousands of years when everything was decide together in “tings”. But now this is being changed fast by a top-ruling government, bending completely to forced measures. The “pandemic law” that the government is trying to rush through is contrary to the Swedish constitution, as it will seriously deprive the Swedish population of our liberty. They want to “impose more far-reaching restrictions” – which threatens our fundamental freedoms and rights such as freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and expression and is a threat of total closure – and everything must be decided by a government that can not be held responsible for its decisions.

They say it is temporary 1,5 years, but it will be permanent – and the politicians have stated that the “pandemic situation” will last for years. So are they psychic – able to predict the future? What is happening in Sweden now in a very short time is insane – and I am asking you people in other countries to please see what is happening to Sweden and spread this video everywhere. It is a plea for help from the population in a small country in the North. Please read Dr Sanna Ehdin’s open letter on 8/12 2020 to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Johan Carlson, Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency, FHM, pointed out a number of shortcomings in the strategy around planned Covid vaccinations. It went viral on social media in early December and the positive response was massive. It is now up on the huge international Health platform Green Medicine info based in USA.

Dr Sanna Ehdin is an author, free scientist and health entrepreneur researching Self-Healing, Holistic Health, personal growth and wellness. She have a PhD in immunology, 12 years of Biomedical research including three years at Post Doc at Dept of Immunology, Scripps Res Inst, La Jolla, CA (1989-92). She has 12 Scientific peer-reviewed publications (Möller SA [Author]. This followed by 28 years of studies of Self-Healing, and her 15 health books sold 1,1 million copies in 10 countries. She has lectured to 100.000 people and her four social media platforms reaches several hundred thousands people every month. Dr Sanna Ehdin co-founded the company Dr Sannas AB in 2015, to speed up the health information and products to the public.