World freedom Alliance aims to create a network of networks bringing truth, freedom and best practice to the world. 

We are all facing big challenges together and the best chance we have to go through this even stronger and with the possibility of great changes for the good is to unite. We are all human and it is easy to focus on the injustices and breaches of our rights that are right in front of us on the ground level. This is of course important but if we loose track of the horizon and get caught up staring at the ground, caught up in personal issues, being overwhelmed by urgent matters etc. we will fall. 

If we all keep the vision clear of a world where our fundamental rights are upheld, where we put our small selves and opinions to the side, lift each other up and share knowledge, best practice, hope and focused aligned action, then we will succeed. 

The goal of World Freedom Alliance is to make sure that our fundamental rights and freedoms are upheld and respected as expressed in the charter: 

The draft for the charter is:

World Charter of Freedom: 

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Thought

Freedom to bodily integrity

Freedom to practice your faith

The right of equal treatment under the law

Maneka Helleberg, World Freedom Alliance Chairman