The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists should hang its head in shame

In relation to Covid-19, pregnant women are classed as a ‘vulnerable group’. I entirely agree: they are vulnerable to breathtaking levels of dangerous misinformation generated by the very institutions they are supposed to trust.

May I turn your attention to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOS) here in the UK. This august institution has been around for nearly a century and is an esteemed national authority, advising government on health policy and issuing advice to healthcare professionals and the public on reproductive health in women and girls.

They have a guide for pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant on whether to get the Covid-19 vaccination – issued in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives, the UK Teratology Information Service and the MacDonald Obstetric Medicine Society. In my view, all four of these supposed pillars of public health are publishing misleading advice that could have catastrophic consequences for women and their babies.  

You can view their guide here. In a nutshell it tells women that Covid-19 vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ at every stage of pregnancy, including if you are trying for a baby.

Where to begin with this nonsense?

Let’s start with two obvious points. There is NO evidence that the Covid genetic vaccines are safe in pregnancy for mother or baby. None. What we do have is mounting evidence that these genetic vaccines are anything but safe or effective.

For example:

  • Pfizer’s data dump has revealed that of 270 pregnancies in the first three months of the injection roll-out, the company only had solid data on 29 of them. Of those 29, 28 babies died, only 1 survived (see page 12 of their report and also Byram Bridle’s article that goes into further detail). This is data the FDA wanted to keep under wraps for 75 years – one doesn’t have to wonder why.
  • Pharmacovigilance databases have been giving alarm signals for months. The World Health Organisation’s VigiAccess database has 11,994 reports regarding pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions. VAERS has 4,922 reports of miscarriage and 142 stillbirths, while the UK’s Yellow Card system has 818 reports of stillbirth, foetal death or miscarriage.

How can the RCOG and its partners ignore these data? It gets worse. Take a look at this from the guide:

No adverse effects of vaccination on pregnancies – really? How can these organisations possibly know? How can the UK Teratology Information Service be so sure that this new technology injected into pregnant women won’t cause birth defects in babies? Are they fortune tellers?

They have no clue – and here we come to perhaps the most damning point of all:

These injections are experimental. We should never, NEVER use experimental drugs during pregnancy. Never.

Rather than promoting the genetic vaccines, these institutions should be doing their job and telling women to steer clear. Their insistence that there is no evidence Covid genetic vaccines harm pregnant women does not mean there is no harm. It just means they have not bothered to look or to listen.

Not everything in the guide is inaccurate. For example, it does acknowledge that ‘there are no studies yet on the long-term effects on babies born to women who had a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy’. But it then implies that women needn’t worry because these injections are not live vaccines and ‘other non-live vaccines have been given to women in pregnancy for many years without any safety concerns’.

Oh dear. Here, they are suggesting that this novel, inadequately tested mRNA technology is no different to traditional vaccines. This could not be more misleading, especially given what we now know about the mRNA vaccines such as the toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles and how they accumulate in organs including the ovaries and testes.

This brings me to another issue with the RCOS guidelines. Nowhere do they inform women of alternatives to the injections – and there are plenty. We now know that early treatment of Covid-19 with repurposed medicines and nutraceuticals such as Vitamin D, is highly effective and genuinely safe. At the very least, the RCOS should be advising women on how to strengthen their immune systems and overall health to protect themselves from illness, not just from Covid-19. Their entire focus is on pharmaceutical intervention once the woman is ill, rather than proactive, healthy prevention.

It is dismaying. The RCOG is disseminating terrible advice and misinformation, putting women and girls and babies at risk of immeasurable harm. Rather than protecting them, they are throwing them into the insatiable jaws of nefarious private interests.

That they should do such a thing is frankly inconceivable.

Women and girls deserve better. Please tell everyone you know – but especially women – to stay away from these institutions for their own safety.

I also invite you – no, I urge you to watch this excellent presentation by World Council for Health Steering Committee member Christof Plothe. He has done what the RCOG failed to do, and spent countless hours and days analysing the trial data to understand what impact the Covid-19 injections are having on fertility, women’s health in general, and pregnancy.

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