AMN - WHO Pandemic Treaty - What Every Australian Needs to Urgently Do?

The World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Assembly (WHA), the World Bank, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the G20, the B20 and other foreign organisations are all declaring that future pandemics will pose a serious threat to our ability to live and survive. These unelected foreign organisations and their corporate allies are stepping up the hard sell that only they are equipped to keep humanity safe with their resources, unprecedented funding, decision-making authority, expertise, knowledge and technical know-how.

The problem with the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty and changes to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), scheduled to go into effect internationally by 2024, is it will grant the unelected World Health Organisation (WHO), World Health Assembly (WHA) and their friends significant and broad powers to direct Australian health policy and any health emergency. Australians and the Australian government must oppose this treaty.

What You Can Do

Read further what you can do by clicking below. Only together can we help our Government stop, listen and stand with Australians and oppose this treaty, which will attempt to take away our national sovereignty, further censor and punish health professionals or anyone with a different view, and take away our right to make our own health choices. We must act now.

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