Of Course they Dropped the Case… Here is Why

Many eyes in the healthcare freedom movement have been on this week’s court case that was heard today in the Hamburg District Court, where the spokesperson for NEXT LEVEL, Marvin Haberland attended the hearing for the case that was brought against him for going against mandates that uphold the fraudulent pseudoscience that is the field of virology. Together with Dr. Stefan Lanka, Haberland and the NEXT LEVEL team presented an excellent refutation of the claim that disease-causing viruses exist. They did this by simply using real science to back up their argument.

Among the facts and arguments that were contained were the following:

Dr. Lanka’s Control Tests

The hallmark for determining that imaginary viruses are the cause of disease involves observing what are called ‘cytopathic effects’. This is essentially observing the cells that are put in a petri dish die-off, and once they die, the determination is made that it was caused by a virus. However, this is caused by the methods that are used in the lab during this process, and not by any virus. To prove this, Lanka performed important control tests to show that the same observable cytopathic effects occur without the addition of alleged ‘virus’ material. You can see the full discussion of Dr. Lanka and Dr. Tom Cowan explaining the methodology of these control tests below. Lanka also performed these same control experiments for the alleged SARS-COV-2 virus. You can see this information and more in relation to Dr. Lanka that has been outlined and detailed exceptionally well by Mike Stone on the viroLIEgy website.

Dr. Lanka’s Measles Court Case

It is also important to note that Dr. Lanka took the measles virus to court. Several years ago, Lanka put out a statement that he would pay a sum of money to anyone with evidence that the measles virus does, in fact, exist. Simple enough, right? A man by the name of David Bardens answered the call and made an attempt to prove the existence of the virus. Lanka refused to pay, citing that the evidence Bardens provided was not sufficient. This resulted in the 2012 court case where Bardens sued Lanka for the money. Despite the half-assed reports that only tell you about the first half of the court proceedings in which Bardens was deemed correct, the 2015 appeal to the higher court reviewed the evidence presented by Bardens and ultimately ruled in 2017 that the evidence was in Lanka’s favor.

Freedom of Information Requests

Haberland and several others (myself included) have worked with researcher Christine Massey to amass a growing number of FOI requests that all demonstrate the lack of virus isolation performed in the lab, showing that there is no way scientifically to demonstrate evidence of contagion. Christine has done an excellent job with giving us all of the tools that we need to use the real science against the establishment’s pseudoscience, and her ground-breaking work has been provided crucial legal documentation. Haberland’s FOI’s and all of the others can be viewed on Christine’s website. You can also watch a video interview HERE where Haberland makes an appearance to have an important discussion about this case with Dr. Sam Bailey.

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Genomes and the Propensity for Manipulation

Another important aspect of the virology fraud comes in the form of the genome construction. This involves the process of manufacturing an allegedly complete DNA sequence from smaller fragments of DNA particles. Here also exists an opportunity for fraud, since anyone in a lab can make the claim that there was an existence of specific genetic elements in the final sequence, or they could purposefully create errors. There is also the question about evidence of proper scientific controls when it comes to viral genetic sequencing, since a purified and isolated ‘virus’ is supposed to be used in order to utilize the genome sequencing technology. The genome sequencing process that is popularly cited in the Fan Wu paper has been the popular go-to for demonstrating the existence of the alleged SARS-COV-2 virus and is not even close to evidence or the Gold Standard for obvious reasons. The virus, and all ‘variants’ only exist as randomly put together base pairs of DNA within a computer. That’s it.

Why the Case Was Dropped

While I cannot speak on their behalf, I am pretty sure all of the participants involved in this case knew that it would never make it to trial. If that were to actually happen, it would create a solid foundation of case law to be used in future litigation and we all know that the court and the powers-that-be simply cannot allow that. What they seek to do when they attack people like Haberland for not adhering to their outrageous mandates is to make an example out of him… they don’t like it very much when the defendant fights back. However, when you create laws using illegitimate pseudoscience, you open up the door for people to point out the flaws, as was the situation here with this court case.

I commend the bravery and the work of Haberland, NEXT LEVEL, Dr. Lanka, and everyone else who works tirelessly behind the scenes to expose the virology fraud and the germ theory of disease. We have our work cut out for ourselves, and the legal push-back, resistance to new paradigms, and the shadow-banning that is taking place does not make things any easier. Hopefully we will see the day where virology actually makes it to trial and is heard properly so that the entire world can see the blatant fraud get the exposure it so rightfully deserves.

Source – https://moonmaiden.substack.com/p/what-does-the-most-recent-virology