Many Australians still care about their constitutional protections and liberties.


For decades I thought Australian guys were the most fearless and freedom loving in the world. I grew up watching the movies of George Miller, Bruce Beresford, and Peter Weir, and their characters (especially Mad Max and Breaker Morant) struck me as the pinnacle of tough guy masculinity. Steve Irwin, Russell Crow, Greg Norman, and the great Australian surfer, Mick Fanning, reinforced this notion.

And then the pandemic struck. One day in April of 2020, while visiting a musician friend at his ranch in West Texas, he received a call from an Australian musician in Sydney. Because my friend was driving, he put the call on speaker, and I was astonished to hear the abject terror in the Aussie rocker’s voice. He seemed to believe that if he caught COVID-19, there was a high probability he would die of it.

“Listen man, I don’t think this thing is all that dangerous,” my friend told him. “I mean, maybe for old-timers, but not for a young guy like you.” After the call concluded, my friend burst out laughing. “That kid is isn’t even thirty! What in hell has happened to the Australians?”

What happened to the Australians is that their government and media relentlessly terrorized them. Nowhere in the previously free world (except maybe Canada) has the State been more brutally paternalistic than in Australia. Nowhere has the State’s playbook been more clear and ruthless:

1). Blitz of media terror. 2). Invoke Emergency Power. 3). Suspend constitutional liberties. 4). Lock everyone up. 5). Bodyslam and blast with rubber bullets anyone who protests the lockdowns. 6). Relentlessly push of the COVID-19 vaccines as the key to safety and freedom. 7). Delist any doctor who publicly questions the safety and efficacy of the gene transfer products.

For the last week, Dr. McCullough and I (along with Dr. Pierre Kory and the courageous Australian doctor, Melissa McCann) have been touring Australia, courtesy of the great businessman and former MP, Mr. Clive Palmer.

Our tour has taught us that many Australians still care about their constitutional protections and liberties. Our fear that everyone Down Under is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome was completely unfounded.

Every event has been sold out, and the excitement and enthusiasm of the audiences has been so great that it has prompted us to coin a new expression for Drs. McCullough, Kory, and McCann—DOC STARS.

Special thanks for Mr. Clive Palmer for being the greatest host in the history of hospitality. As they say in Australia, “THE GUY IS A LEGEND!”

Touring the Gold Coast

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