One of the reasons why the vaccine is potentially more dangerous than the virus in my opinion is because as per page 45 of the non-clinical report, we know it enters organs involved with the immune system whereas Covid doesn’t.

As the attached study shows, organs involved with the immune system don’t appear to have ACE2 receptors. This is the enzyme that enables the virus to cross the cell membrane. This would mean that the virus cannot enter the cells of those organs.

The animal trials showed that the lipids used in the vaccine could enter the spleen, bone marrow and lymph nodes.

This will mean that immune system will start producing the spike protein and induce an CD8 killer T cell response (page 8 – link below) against the cells in the very organs that provide an immune response.

It’s worth noting children that young children have fewer ACE2 receptors as well, begging the question why they too were given the vaccine.

Further reading:

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