A warm welcome to the new African Sovereignty Coalition 

On Saturday, 18 June, the African Sovereignty Coalition (ASC) was born and I for one am delighted to welcome it into the world. This link will take you to the ASC’s press release and launch, which was streamed via Children’s Health Defense TV. 

Founded by World Council for Health Steering Committee member Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, the ASC brings together expert African scientists, doctors, lawyers, activists and journalists, and many more. Its purpose is to bring a united, organised resistance to the increasing threat to national and individual sovereignty perpetrated by the World Health Organisation, and by extension, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

Why is this so significant? And why am I writing about this in a Substack read by so many from other parts of the world? 

Because what happens in Africa, matters to us all. In many ways, this vast continent has been the testing ground for what is now being rolled out across the globe. Part of the launch event included a screening of a documentary called Infertility: A Diabolical Agendawhich tells the chilling story of how a WHO population control experiment, under the guise of a vaccination program, resulted in the sterilisation of millions of women in Africa, without their knowledge or consent. The World Council for Health is holding a screening of the film in the WCH newsroom this Friday at 2pm EDT, 6pm UTC, 7pm BST. 

Everyone who spoke at the ASC launch is acutely aware of the grave implications of the WHO’s attempted power grab. They are sounding the alarm, from Africa to the rest of the world. Dr Wahome Ngare from Kenya (45:28 minutes in) spoke about the WHO’s population control agenda – and yes, vaccines feature in his presentation but not exclusively. I also warmly invite you to watch Fahrie Hassan, a molecular biologist and activist who followed the money and uncovered the shocking extent of the WHO’s conflicts of interest (watch from 1:32:30).  As he points out, the WHO doesn’t even hide its nefarious intentions anymore.

Dr Robert Rapiti (3:06:24) spells out how the WHO manufactured the Covid crisis by lying, over and over again. He describes the WHO’s advice on how to treat Covid as negligent and ‘suicidal’, by which he means, it was the treatment for Covid  (or lack of it) killing people, not Covid.

I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the event. I addressed my speech to Africa and its people, but the themes within it apply to everyone. I do believe we all owe a debt of gratitude to Africa for fighting the globalist agenda right from the get-go. I explained why in my speech: you can either watch (from 3:28:10), or read the transcript below.

Greetings and love to all of you.

I am a medical doctor and researcher trained in South Africa. My expertise is in evidence synthesis, and developing clinical practice guidelines. Since 2013 I have run a small independent research company in the UK called the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy. We do not work for pharmaceutical corporations and have no conflicts of interest. After witnessing the flawed international covid strategies and the corruption of science by globalist agendas, I co-founded the World Council for Health in 2021.

I had the tremendous good fortune to be born in South Africa and to have grown up in the loving embrace of this mighty and ancient country. I am blessed to have also visited Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia. I am now one of the 170 million or so people who make up the African diaspora and I am proud to call myself African.

I know, and you know, that Africa is the wealthiest continent on the planet, rich in precious metals and rare minerals. It is blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, a dazzling variety of cultures, languages, traditions and ancient wisdom which are sorely needed in today’s global leadership, health and sovereignty crisis.

Corporations have exploited Africans wealth and heritage for far too long. Now, through the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation, they have overplayed their hand and we have caught them out. We have woken from our slumber and will be deceived, divided and disenfranchised no longer.

However, the dystopian WEF and WHO agenda is not limited to Africa; it is a global agenda, the solutions to which are to be found in Africa and its people.

These are the reasons why:

Africans are savvy to corruption and duplicitous political agendas. We have a nose for propaganda: we can sniff it a mile off. We have witnessed corrupt governments come and go, currencies rise and fall, and each time we find a way through it.

We remember Apartheid and recognize it when we see it! The international Covid strategy being proposed by the WHO and WEF in the form of vaccine passports is nothing less than medical apartheid, where our ability to earn, learn, live and work is suddenly dependent on complying with unlawful vaccine mandates. Where unvaccinated is a dirty word. We Africans will not tolerate Apartheid in any form.

Importantly, Africa has experience in healing the artificial separation instituted and fostered by those that seek to control us. More than once, Africa has shown the world the power of truth and reconciliation: in post-apartheid South Africa under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, and also in Rwanda. In both cases the road to forgiveness and reconciliation has not been easy and it is by no means over, but the depth of compassion and humanity demonstrated through the years is a lesson to the world.

In the current situation, it is easy to direct our anger and bitterness at those administering these harmful vaccines and enforcing corporate-influenced mandates. But we are all complicit in the current state of the world – for facilitating and handing over our power. We need to step away from anger and forgive those who have not been blessed with insight into their own exploitation and manipulation. As Mandela said, “Forgiveness liberates the soul, it removes fear. That is why it’s such a powerful weapon.”

Another reason why I believe Africa holds so many of the answers the world needs right now is a matter of timing.

Over centuries, we have had to contend with the appalling, two-dimensional fiction that this vast and mighty continent is poor, violent and in need of rescue. Attempts have been made, over and over, to dismantle this narrative – but in many ways it has been like trying to chip away at a concrete fortress with toothpicks. The narrative has been so solid, so sturdy, so impenetrable.

That is, until now.

Because now, an amazing thing is happening. Thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, cracks have started to form in the concrete.

Remember, the process of awakening to the truth is a chain reaction, and the manufactured Covid crisis has begun this process for many – including me. People are now understanding that so much of what they have been told is a lie, has been contrived to keep us docile and fearful. Suddenly, the towering fiction about Africa’s poverty, crime and victimhood is looking very flimsy indeed.

Especially when you consider that over the last two years, it is Africa that has been doing the rescuing. Since the beginning of the Covid crisis, Africans have led the way in taking legal action to safeguard human rights. Standing up to the World Health Organisation’s attempted power grab, Africa has already had a huge impact on ensuring the sovereignty of countries and people all over the world, whether they know this or not. African countries need to continue to spearhead the #StoptheWHO campaign and show the way for other countries. Keep showing the world that we can stand up to this corrupt, divisive corporate-influenced leadership that has been the modus operandi for far too long.

This is our time.

It’s time to show the world and each other who we really are – because after centuries of sleepwalking, the world is ready to see the truth. The world is ready to know us. Our beauty, our culture, our wisdom, our compassion, our phenomenal strength of heart.

And more than that. Now, more than ever before, the world needs us. It needs us to stand up and shine our light, to keep showing the way, and to share our immense wealth. I don’t mean material wealth, though I do believe it’s time Africa stopped allowing its riches to be plundered by corporations. I am referring to something far more precious.

All of us who were born in Africa, or whose ancestry is African, are the custodians of an extraordinary legacy. The history, the wisdom, the culture, the respect for justice and the healing of this ancient land is imprinted within the DNA of every African man, woman and child. We carry it with us. Wherever we are in the world, it’s time for us to trip the lock and share this wealth with everyone who needs it. Corporate rule is over, dead by definition, and together we will bury it.

So let’s remember who we are. We are sovereign, we are free. We will tolerate no masters. We reject all those who wish to divide and rule, command and control. Instead, we welcome servant leaders, who know that to lead is to serve. Who value tradition, the wisdom of elders and community, who know that we are a part of nature and not separate from it, who recognise that we are spiritual beings and it is with trust in God that we thrive. This is the key to the Better Way.

Africans, you are called into service – but not for the first time.

A famous man and prophet once sang: “Africa Unite. How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and man, to see the unification of all Africans.”

Bob Marley is no longer with us in person, but he is with us right now, participating in the true liberation and unification of humanity that he predicted and sang about forty years ago.

Whilst envisioning the unification of Africa, this wise and beautiful man also sang of “One love, one song, let’s get together and it will be all right”. He sang of a universe built on love and togetherness.

In celebrating our African heritage and diversity, let’s ensure that our message and our vision is universal. The time to unite Africa with the rest of the world has come. North and South, East and West, we are one.

Unity. This is how we take back our power. We take back our power through Unity.

And finally to those who would suggest that Africa has shared quite enough, why should it share any more, I have just one word.


I am because we are. Our own health and happiness depend on the health and happiness of our community. We have the answers to a Better Way for a Better World, Africa. It’s time to share them.

To the new leaders of Africa, those who know that to lead is to serve, the World Council for Health is grateful for your collaboration in the creation and manifestation of a Better Way for a Better World.

Thank you.

Source – https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/thank-you-africa-for-showing-us-the