On June 5, multiple news sources broke the story that Premier Dan Andrews had established a clandestine high-tech data agency during the onset of the Second Victorian Lockdown, August 2020. In the shadows, Andrews had tax-funded his own private dystopian agency, Insights Victoria: a veritable Chinese CCP tool for social monitoring, and targeted tyranny.

The revelation was supposedly the result of documents obtained by a Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted by the Herald Sun. Insights Victoria was established primarily to ‘collate sensitive and private information,’ with ‘a powerful deep dive IT system.’ It syphoned data from a multitude of interconnected platforms, ‘monitoring Victorians every digital move, cross tabulating their personal information’1 from credit card purchases to Facebook and Twitter posts. It could specifically focus upon an individual, ‘right down to the street level,’ if so directed.

Inspired by the prescient pages of Big Brother, its very existence confirmed everything Orwell had forewarned libertarians about: Big Ears Andrews was watching us (and surely listening, too.) This unnerving technology granted Dan Andrews and his fellow pandemic-hoaxing cohorts (Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton; and Chief Police Commissioner, Shane Patton) daily access to data trends, collective community sentiment shifts; and, most certainly, it was calibrated to isolate and categorize a growing list of problematic wrong-think citizens. Surely, this was its primary purpose.

It was kept secret for a reason. In its totality, it was a tool of a megalomaniacal Dictator — allowing focused access to private information in an illegal and flagrant violation of the ‘Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.’ Fundamentally, it was an abuse of power in the service of preserving power; a criminal enterprise, established by a blatantly criminal Government obsessed with managing and perpetrating its innumerable pandemic crimes.

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions having ended — the agency is still funded, and its purpose, ongoing. Alarmingly, it still endlessly monitors the financial activities, social media posts and movements of all Victorians. The FOI report revealed that Insights Victoria had been allocated an additional 4.4 million from the recent Victorian State Budget, to continue spying, and profiling Victorians for the foreseeable future on behalf of Dan Andrews: an undeniable crime.

Bunnings & Kmart Caught Illegally Using Facial Recognition Technology: Technocratic Stalking: Matching Personalised Data With A Database of ‘Faceprints’

On July 11, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) announced it was investigating Kmart and Bunnings for the use of controversial facial recognition technology. The consumer group Choice had earlier revealed that these two companies had been secretly ‘capturing images of peoples faces from video cameras as a unique faceprint that is then stored and can be compared with other faceprints.’2 Essentially, they were using facial recognition and profiling technology to scan the faces of the unwitting public, and collated the images on a secret database. The reason officially presented for the intrusive application of such technology was the deflective: ‘to protect our team from banned persons.’

The harvesting of data is big business (“the new oil”), and it is almost guaranteed that these collated faceprints are already in the possession of agencies such as Insights Victoria. Combined with an omnipresent facial recognition CCTV network, 5G data tracing and mapping, monitored social media and purchase tracking — Insights Victoria could surely track an individual in real-time at the behest of a vindictive and paranoid government. There is no true privacy.

Insights Victoria Gives A Greater Insight Into The Overarching Pandemic Agenda

The establishment of Insights Victoria in August, 2020, just a few weeks after the unnecessary commencement of Victoria’s Second Lockdown (July 9, 2020) reveals a greater overarching-agenda and criminality. Prior to the deliberate seeding of vaccine-induced “COVID-19 disease” by mass-injection of spike proteins into the arms of a coerced Victorian populace, the “pandemic” was truly a non-issue for Victorians. Less deadly than the seasonal flu, with a 99.98% survival rate, and negligible case numbers (often in the single digits, and undeniably generated from deceptive PCR test methodology) there was truly no “deadly” virus in Victoria in 2020. However, there was a deadly agenda.

In August, 2020, the daily case numbers were suddenly “elevated” to an improbable daily-range of 200-500 (bizarrely never varying, as would be expected to be observed amongst the exponential spread of a real pandemic), and more oppressive lockdown measures were drastically imposed upon every Victorian, including a curfew. This all coincided with the establishment of Insights Victoria; which, in hindsight, now reveals that a preplanned period of extensive lockdown (what was to prove 111-days, and the longest consecutive lockdown in the World) and monitoring was anticipated from the very onset. It was all preplanned to the very hour of the very day.

Indeed, why might such an agency be required if lockdowns, restrictions and mass-masking were expected to suppress and eradicate the virus? Obviously, this was never the plan. There was no way of knowing how long the lockdown was going to be in effect; and there was no way the population would have complied if they had known it would be ongoing for many months. However, Andrews knew, and he planned accordingly by establishing the surveillance offered by Insights Victoria — he was intending on crushing all Victorians between the vice grip of a tremendous hoax, and he would monitor their reactions with every tightening lever-turn of his oppressive clamp.

Dan Andrews certainly knew in advance that he would imprison Victorians in their homes for many consecutive months (eventually over two years, multiple lockdowns and a total of 263 days!), regardless of the prevalence of “daily case numbers” (they were largely fabricated for psychological effect, anyway). Victorians needed to be locked-down to set a “precedent-of-response” (and advance vaccine marketing) for the rest of Australia, and to keep the “pandemic” and Vaccine Agenda relevant for all Australians. Victoria was the selected scapegoat state.

The “virus threat,” or the perception of the virus threat, was always secondary. The primary concern for the people was the rise of authoritarian government, acting criminally against the health and liberty of its citizens, as it pursued the Technocratic Globalist agenda of installing a fascist Bio-medical Police State. Indeed, Dan Andrews’ Labor Party was one of the first Global Governments to exhibit a rogue and ruthless policy against its own people — locking-down under Police State de facto Martial Law, forcing DNA swabs, mandating masks, imposing a curfew, crushing middle-class businesses and demoralizing and terrorizing the collective psyche.

Once the majority of the people were strategically broken and hypnotized by induced Mass Psychosis, many were incapable of discernment, and after months of being spun-around by endless media propaganda, they tottered backwards upon the nefarious needles prepared for them. Some lifelong Labor devotees idiotically believed that Andrews was doing all this “to save us” — alas, all he did was to enslave us.

Insights Victoria would function both as a crucial tool, and a covert weapon to wage medical-war upon the people, and suppress dissent.

The 2020 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill: The Evil Legislation That Was To Be Supported By Insights Victoria To Punish Pre-Crime & Incitement

‘Mr Andrews, when asked if the proposed powers were justified, said the laws “struck the right balance.”

In September of 2020, having secretly established Insights Victoria, Andrews made a cunning play to push through the necessary legislation that would legally grant ‘unconstrained powers’ to pre-emptively punish those defying his Health Directives: ‘The Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill.’3 With Insights Victoria providing the secrettechnological means to mass-filter and isolate dissidents (ordinary Victorian citizens objecting to extraordinary government overreach), Andrews required a legal framework to justifiably suppress, terrorise and ultimately punish them.

Fortunately, many concerned citizens were able to see the evil brazenly manifest, and due to massive public backlash, ‘The Omnibus Bill’ was finally guttered and rendered impotent in effect.4 However, its very conception, and the drive to make it an instrument of authoritarian control should give pause — Andrews was willing to push his psychopathic regime as far as inhumanly possible. It was only due to the concerted objection of many vigilant citizens that this did not come to pass.

Essentially, Andrews was attempting the outrageous: to create a private army of Stasi-era Authorised Officers (drawn from PSO Officers, WorkSafe inspectors and non-government workers) with the absolute power to determine, arrest and indefinitely detain anyone they deemed to be in violation of the Chief Health Officer’s “Health Directives.” Pertinently, such “criminalised” individuals could be assessed as “potentially in violation” on a mere suspicion, without actually exhibiting, or committing an objective offence. Thus, unlimited powers were to be given to Authorised Officers who might ‘reasonably believe’ that an individual was in need of “quarantine-reeducation.” Such power would permit the forceful removal of these individuals to a location of indefinite imprisonment (without the individual having any legal recourse.) These Authorised Officers would answer only to themselves, as defined by the preeminent health directives of Supreme Leader Dan Andrews.

What was attempted with ‘The Omnibus Bill’ was extraordinarily diabolical in scope. Although the existence of Insights Victoria was publicly unknown at the time, it is almost certain that “digital-data dossiers” would have been compiled (and probably have been) on every problematic Victorian. Insights Victoria would have certainly guided VicPol when they began arresting citizens for the ‘crime of incitement’ (the most infamous being the young pregnant mother who was handcuffed in front of her children for posting about a ‘local lockdown-protest’ on Facebook). With the available technology scouring and siphoning “incriminating” data, (substantiated by faceprints), these Authorised Officers would have had a degree of certitude when knocking on unsuspecting doors to black-bag and disappear people for “suspicion of pre-crime.” This is exactly what the Andrews Regime had hoped to achieve, and what those still capable of critical thought and outrage were able to overcome by their resistance. We must never forget.

Insights Victoria Is Still A Threat to Human Liberty: What Is Planned: A Punitive Social Credit System & Universal Basic Income.

Given that Insights Victoria is STILL being funded by Victorian tax-payers, it can be assumed that it is envisioned as a permanent fixture of Victoria’s Technocratic infrastructure. It can be speculated that future “pandemics” and concomitant lockdowns are planned (Climate Crisis lockdowns? Energy Shortage lockdowns?), and that further Biosecurity Fascism is intended to secure ever more control over a besieged people.

The projected goal is to establish Full Spectrum Dominance over the life of every human being: mind, body and soul — The Mark of the Beast.

The existence of Insights Victoria has revealed that invasive technology is being employed to meticulously monitor every social and financial aspect of every individual — from right-think, right-action; to wrong-think, wrong-action; and it is currently being employed in Victoria to achieve just that.

We are presently witnessing the initial phase of a deliberate demolition of the existing Global Economic System, with The Great Reset 2030 Agenda guiding the incremental destruction of our social, academic, commercial, farming and financial paradigms. A Technocratic Tyranny comprised of Megacorporations (Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Tech, Big Money, Big Government) is being consolidated to establish a Global Corporatocracy (a fusion of Government and Capitalism, true Fascism) to achieve the Fourth Industrial Revolution of a trans-humanity (Transhumanism) integrated with technology and utterly controlled by it.

A nightmarish spiritual wasteland of a “Metaversed” humanity crippled and governed by Social Credit Scores, and awarded and punished according to government monitored behaviour is surely the ULTIMATE purpose of establishing an agency such as Insights Victoria. Indeed, the governmental power to allocate, or subtract available “credit” in the digital wallet of one’s ‘Universal Basic Income’ for compliance, or non-compliance, is what is inevitably sought: control the money, control the food, control the behaviour — maintain control.

Ultimately, the level of your willingness to submit will be commensurate to the generosity of the The Technocratic Corporatocracy. To stand for nothing, and to kneel evermore, might someday determine the portion size of the Glyphosate-drenched synthetic-meat that is efficiently drone-delivered to a malnourished family somewhere.

In the final warning of George Orwell: “There will be no loyalty, but loyalty to the Party; but always there will be the intoxication of power, always, at every moment there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy that is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. The moral to be drawn from this dangerous nightmarish situation is a simple one — Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.

Source – https://stephenreason.substack.com/p/spying-on-victorians-examining-the