In 2017, our two institutions, IMD and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), decided to join forces to produce a smart city index offering a balanced focus on economic and technological aspects of smart cities on the one hand, and “humane dimensions” of smart cities (quality of life, environment, inclusiveness) on the other.

The initial effort to produce what should become an internationally recognized global smart city index consists of two distinct phases and deliverables.

First, a set of case studies of smart cities at different stages of development, providing a diverse international basis of experience, with the purpose of enhancing the realism and pertinence of the model underpinning the index to be proposed.

Second, a first iteration of the index methodology thus defined, leading to a global ranking of smart cities along that index in 2019. Now we are proud to present the third editon.

Discover the Smart City Index 2021

Smart City Index 2021

The third edition of the annual IMD-SUTD Smart City Index (SCI) has revealed that city-dwellers’ perceptions of how technology is helping to address urban challenges has been highly affected by the pandemic and its acceleration of digital transformation.

Taking the top three places were Singapore (1st), Zurich (2nd) and Oslo (3rd). Switzerland enjoyed three cities in the top 10 with Lausanne in 5th and Geneva in 8thplace.

The Institute for Management Development, in collaboration with Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD), has released the 2021 Smart City Index, with key findings on how the rapid spread of COVID-19 among urban populations has led city leaders to face new responsibilities.

Hundreds of citizens from 118 cities were surveyed in July 2021 and asked questions on the technological provisions of their city across five key areas: health and safety, mobility, activities, opportunities and governance.

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