Scientists have devised a universal test for autism in babies that analyzes a single strand of hair for levels of metals including lead and aluminum — which they admit are higher in autistic children.

Despite the fact aluminum is loaded into vaccines found on the childhood vaccination schedule, scientists are still denying there is any link to autism. Autism diagnoses among US children and teens exploded by 50% in three years from 2017, according to a study.

The new autism test involves sending a sample of hair to a laboratory for analysis and was shown to predict autism accurately 81 percent of the time in a peer-reviewed study. It has been described as ‘groundbreaking’ by independent scientists and is now being fast-tracked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Other scientists heralded the test as a ‘groundbreaking’ development for the notoriously hard-to-diagnose condition that affects 5.4million Americans and 700,000 Britons, numbers which are exploding upwards year on year.

DailyMail report: Because there is no standard test for the condition, doctors must rely on a child’s developmental history and behavior. As such, children in the US are normally only officially diagnosed at age four, while in the UK the average is age six.

But scientists at the New York-based startup — called LinusBio — said their new test should be used in conjunction with other methods and not on its own.

But they insist that it could help to shorten the diagnostic window.

‘We can detect the clear rhythm of autism with just about one centimeter of hair,’ Manish Arora, the company’s co-founder and CEO, told NBC News

Those with the condition may struggle to communicate, find it hard to understand how others think or feel, or get anxious and upset at unfamiliar situations and social events.

Scientists admit they are not clear on what causes the condition, although environmental and genetic factors are thought to be involved.

Despite admitting they are baffled about what causes autism, Britain’s socialist health service the NHS continues to declare that autism is not caused by vaccines.

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