• What do you do when children disclose horrific sexual abuse: COVER IT UP, OR PROTECT THEM ?
  • The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Operation Noetic started when they began constructing a case to criminalise a number of innocent people helping to protect children who had made multiple disclosures of sexual abuse.
  • According to the AFP  it is the biggest criminal case in Australian legal history.
  • It was alleged by the AFP that a number of people including parents and grandparents harboured and/or abducted their own children and grandchildren, when in reality they had fled with those children to protect them from being returned by the Family Court of Australia to their alleged abusers. In one instance a grandmother actually had lawful custody of her grandchild at the time she was charged, how can you harbour or abduct a child when you have lawful custody awarded by the Family Court ?
  • Two Rhodesian friends, William Russell Massingham Pridgeon and Patrick Finbar McGarry O’Dea along with a number of parents and grandparents of the children were arrested and publicly defamed in the media and portrayed as being part of an international child trafficking syndicate. Some of these people had never even met or ever spoken with each other.

Those children were then removed from their parents and grandparents by the Police and returned with the full consent of The Family Court of Australia to the very people they claimed had abused them. And all this happened because a number of people involved had deliberately concealed the disclosures of the children.

As a result of these child protectors allegedly breaching court orders to protect these children they were charged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) with “Conspiracy to Defeat Justice” and several other charges. Unfortunately they are not the only people in Australia to be charged for this offence, despite their intent being to protect children who had disclosed sexual abuse.

This case has now been on foot for around five years, Dr Pridgeon, a Family Doctor lost his medical practice for years; Patrick O’Dea has been unable to work because of draconian bail conditions and without the support of his family would be homeless, and another kind loving grandmother living in Townsville has also had her life decimated. All this has happened to these people because they have been persecuted for trying to protect children who had all disclosed sexual abuse. 

I personally have seen one of those video disclosures of one child in a police station and the statement of a senior police officer from that same station claiming that child made no disclosures. 

  • So far, thanks to their strength and courage to self-represent, and thanks also to the tireless work of a very small dedicated team of individuals, 21 charges have been dropped.
  • Despite this and the clear disclosures of sexual abuse by the children, plus the evidence of police misfeasance, the CDPP  is still attempting to “corral” these good people into a trial in what we believe, and can show, is one of the greatest abuses of process in Australian criminal history.

On February the 8th 2023 in The Brisbane District Court the CDPP are trying to get a trial date set, which may result in 6 month to possible 2 year trial. The accused are challenging the validity of the indictment and numerous other very important questions of law. A trial will mean the good doctor will lose his new medical practice and two of the accused may be homeless for months possibly living on the street whilst trying to defend themselves without any legal representation. Meanwhile the CDPP continues to use millions of tax-payer dollars to prosecute their claims and conceal the disclosures of child abuse.  At this time they clearly plan to spend millions more in an attempt to further decimate these people who were doing nothing more than attempting to protect children who had disclosed sexual abuse.

  • Politicians, police, prosecution and the media ignored the criminality of the police and others involved, and turned a blind eye to the allegations of the children. The Family Court then returned the children to the sole custody of the very people they accused of abusing them.

As a general rule we do not fundraise to provide money to a system we believe is fast failing so many of our children and grandchildren, however, in this instance we believe it will make a significant difference.  We wish to hire a good legal professional who will follow our instructions and submissions for one single day to assist these good people who have been absolutely decimated whilst being subjected to years of onerous bail, and the removal of many of their fundamental freedoms, all as a consequence of this disgraceful situation.

  • Why in Australia is protecting children who have disclosed sexual abuse, treated as a crime ?

We wish to fundraise to hire a barrister and possibly a solicitor for a one day hearing on February the 8th 2023 in Brisbane District Court in an attempt to quash this matter and to publicly expose the corruption that so many know is occurring and yet so few are actually changing.  We also invite you all to attend both outside court and in the gallery to let the courts and the government know how we feel about them prosecuting and persecuting people who were and still are trying to protect children who have disclosed sexual abuse.

We have a real chance at justice if we can hire a barrister for one day to argue some very important technical questions of law on February the 8th 2023 to stop this matter in its tracks. 

  • We are humbly requesting both some financial help and/or your support in person on the day.
  • From 9am Wednesday 8th February 2023 Brisbane District Court 415 George St Brisbane QLD 4000 (meet in the park outside the coffee club main entrance)

If we do not stand now not only will this matter continue but other parents will also continue to be prosecuted across this country and many children will continue to be returned by The Family Court of Australia to the very people they claim to have abused them.

If you are able, please help support us by donating, attending, or sharing this important information and help us to protect children and grandchildren and expose this system in absolute crisis.

 Source – https://www.paulrobertburton.com/protecting-children-and-grandchildren