Flood Albo and Dutto with Aus Exits WHO Postcards

postcards albo 1
postcards dutton 3

Let’s let them know what the people of Australia think!

We’ve written to them, but most of them either don’t reply or their offices send standard, non-committal type responses.

We’ve tried calling them and they’re either misinformed or, in fact, have no knowledge of what is at stake. Some even had no idea that proposed amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations) were even happening.

It’s time to get a bit louder!

Let’s get their attention with a flood of postcards from every corner of Australia and let them know everyday Aussies are sick and tired of government lies and overreach.

We have packs of 6 pre-addressed postcards (with free postage to you, anywhere in Australia) and the idea is for people around the country to flood Albo & Dutto with the Postcards to let them know what the people of Australia think! Politicians will take action when confronted with overwhelming messaging from the people.

Source – https://australiaexitsthewho.com/aew-postcard-blitz