Bishop Sánchez Monge: the 2030 Agenda is a trap, "an attempt to change civilization, a new world order"
Bishop Manuel Sánchez Monge, Bishop of Santander

The Bishop of Santander, Spain, Manuel Sánchez Monge, has assured that “the 2030 Agenda is a trap”, in an article published in the “Diario Montañés”. The prelate warns that we are facing an attempt to change civilization with the imposition of a new world order that will change people’s beliefs.

( Verdad en Libertad/InfoCatólica ) With the title “Agenda 2030 and the new world order” the prelate of the Cantabrian diocese has written an article that begins with a quote from the philosopher Higino Marín, who specified that the nature of the aforementioned agenda is promoted by the globalist elites and which has a markedly statist and reformist character.

Bishop Sánchez Monge maintains that “many of the sustainable development objectives are laudable and that they can be accepted by all”, which are “formulated in ambiguous language so as to present themselves to the most diverse interpretations”. «Behind the 2030 Agenda is an attempt to change civilization,  a new world order that changes people’s convictions . It is a globalist system that points towards an unelected and undemocratic world government,” he explains.

The prelate indicates that “in the document there are brilliant generalities to make people believe that if all power is handed over to the United Nations and the 2030 Agenda, everything will be fine; but no, the 2030 Agenda is a trap”. « In the 2030 Agenda, family and religion appear as conflicting aspects . Nor is it good for them that education belongs to the parents. The 2030 Agenda promotes abortion and the massive use of contraceptives , in addition to assuming the terminology of gender ideology and contemporary political correctness: secularist and statist », he emphasizes.

He denounces that “there is an intention to establish the  New World Order that  leaves out many institutions, particularly those with a Christian stamp .” 

And finally he warns:

«There are some Christian institutions that assume the 2030 Agenda. They say it is so as not to be left out of the public forum or not to marginalize themselves.They want to get aid that they would be denied if they did not assume it.But the Christian surname has inescapable demands.

In addition, he assures that there is a “resurgence of Christian families in some parts of France and Spain” and that “the image of a married couple with 3 or more children offers a happy and kind vision of life; there is the resurgence.

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