PayPal is reportedly offering account holders $15 to prevent them closing their accounts after the platform shamefully threatened to steal their money if they express the ‘wrong’ opinion.

PayPal announced that it would reserve the right to take up to $2500 from people’s accounts if they ‘spread hate’ or ‘misinformation’ – meaning opinions they dislike.

After a massive backlash, Paypal backtracked and then a narrative was created by so called ‘fact checkers’ that the entire thing never happened and Paypal never intended to fine people for wrong think, despite writing an entire policy update expressing an intent to do so

Now, as the company’s stock price continues to plummet amid users cancelling their accounts, PayPal appears to be offering free money in an attempt to retain customers:

Some had a counter proposal for PayPal:

Others suggested taking the fifteen bucks and doing something positive with it:

Knowing PayPal, there will be stipulations…

Some report that they can’t even close their accounts:

Critics have pointed out that PayPal actually still hasn’t retracted the ‘hate speech’ element of their social credit score system:

PayPal Says It Won’t Fine Users $2,500 for Misinformation, but It Will Fine Them for ‘Intolerance’

All this comes in the wake of PayPal restricting the accounts of organisations it seemingly disagrees with, then backtracking on that too after headlines stating the company could be prevented by law from banning people over their political views.

While this is generating attention now, PayPal has been moving down this road for years, initially targeting conservatives for cancellation.

The AFP also reports today that PayPal has allegedly blocked the accounts of one of Hong Kong’s last remaining pro-democracy parties:

And in related news, it appears some banks are following suit against people who say the ‘wrong’ thing:

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