As the Covid-19 vaccination rollout continues, more and more disturbing reports are coming to light about the dangerous and potentially deadly consequences of these vaccines.

For instance, official Government data published in Australia reveals the triple-vaccinated population are 35x more likely to be hospitalised with Covid-19 than the unvaccinated population.

Despite reassurances from Governments and pharmaceutical companies, the shocking truth is that the very vaccines meant to protect us from Covid-19 are actually causing more harm than good.

These vaccines have been linked to serious side effects on the cardiovascular, neurological, and reproductive systems.

They are essentially mandatory progressive euthanasia, and it’s no wonder that even the UK’s National Health Service has been unable to handle the strain caused by these dangerous injections.

The Government’s push for widespread vaccination is no longer about protecting public health, but rather using it as a tool for control and dependence.

The population of New South Wales in Australia was 6,505,883 in 2022. The vaccination status is as follows…

NSW Vax status 2023 Jan 7th: 

NSW Australia data for Hospital and ICU Admissions during the last 6 weeks of 2022 show dose-dependent immune system destruction

NSW Covid ICU admissions Nov 19- Dec 31 2022

NSW Covid Hospital admissions Nov 19-Dec 31 2022

The shocking reality is that the COVID vaccines are destroying our immune systems, as evident by the clear pattern of hospital admissions in Australia and infection rates in Cleveland.


As shocking new evidence emerges, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing devastating effects on our immune systems and leading to mass hospitalizations.

According to official data from the Australian government, those who have received one or two doses of the vaccine are 20 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid compared to those who are unvaccinated. And for those who have received three or more doses, the risk jumps to a staggering 35 times more likely.

The numbers are even more alarming when it comes to intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, with unvaccinated individuals enjoying 100% protection from needing ICU care, while those who are vaccinated face a 6 in 100,000 chance of being hospitalized in the ICU.

The Covid-19 “vaccines” are not only proving to be unsafe, but also highly ineffective. They are putting unsustainable pressure on hospitals and ICUs in Australia and around the world, and unless they are banned immediately, the NHS in the UK could be destroyed.

Not only do these vaccines fail to provide protection, but they also prevent the achievement of herd immunity.

With more than 50% of the population now vaccinated, it’s becoming clear that herd immunity will never be reached.

These are farcical, Monty Python-like numbers that point to an accelerating immunological catastrophe.

The data we have analyzed only looks at the disease the vaccines are supposed to protect against. It does not address the numerous cardiovascular, neurological, immunological, reproductive, and systemic side effects of the genetic vaccines that cause even more hospitalizations.

If it hasn’t already happened, it’s only a matter of time before 50% of hospital patients are suffering from vaccine-induced pathology. The credibility and viability of all healthcare worldwide depends on the immediate halt of genetic vaccination.

The Cleveland Clinic Conclusively Proves that (anti) Vaccines Progressively Destroy the Immune System in a Dose Dependent Manner

Here is the 2022-2023 Best US Hospitals Honour Roll

1. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.
2. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.
3. NYU Langone Hospitals, New York.
4. Cleveland Clinic.
5. (tie) Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
6. (tie) UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles.
7. New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell, New York.
8. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
9. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
10. Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital, Stanford, California.

Established in 1821, the Cleveland Clinic is an international healthcare system with over 200 hospitals and clinics. Its network of practices provides routine healthcare, emergency healthcare and specialist treatment. It consistently ranks as one of the top American and global healthcare providers, employing 65,000 healthcare professionals and treating nearly 6 million patients annually. 

They have very proactive Departments of Infectious Diseases, Infection Prevention, and Quantitative Health Sciences, that has consistently been the first to produce solid data about the effectiveness of Covid vaccines versus natural immunity using their own 65,000 staff as their clinical trial subjects!

They wisely did NOT insist that all their staff took the vaccine because they believe in bodily autonomy and are scientists who need a control group of unvaccinated people against which to measure the efficacy of the multi-jab vaccine intervention. 

Here are the Covid infection rates for the 1st 98 days from September 12 2022, when the bivalent Covid-19 vaccine was first offered to their employees. It was not mandated. It was offered.

On September 12th 2022, 6,199 employees were unvaccinated, 2,359 were single jabbed, 13804 were double jabbed, 20,798 were triple-jabbed and 3,538 were Quad/Penta (4/5) jabbed with the original vaccine, which was designed against the alleged Wuhan Hu1 reference virus, which was NOT isolated from a Human but instead generated on a computer.

So the shocking truth has been revealed: the official scientific study reveals that the more doses of the original COVID vaccine you receive, the more likely you are to catch the virus.

This means that the vaccine is not only ineffective against the Omicron strain of the virus, but it actually damages your immune system in a dose-dependent manner.

This is an alarming discovery, as the original vaccine was administered to thousands of people in the hopes of protecting them from COVID-19. Instead, it appears to have made them more vulnerable to the virus.

The data, collected from over 35,000 employees in the UK, shows a clear trend of increased infection rates among those who received multiple doses of the original vaccine. This raises serious concerns about the safety and efficacy of these “vaccines”, and calls into question the decision to continue administering them to the public.

It is imperative that further research is conducted to fully understand the impact of these vaccines on the immune system and to ensure that the public is protected from any potential harm. But I first saw in the PHE Vaccine Surveillance reports and published the findings, sending them to PHE themselves, placing them on my website and publishing them in The Expose, on October 10th 2021. 

Ironically all those who are vaccinated against Covid-19 are anti-vaxxed. And all the anti-vaxxers are NOT anti-vaxxed.

Work that one out!

The shocking truth about Covid-19 vaccines has been revealed by the Cleveland Clinic: they not only fail to protect against the alleged virus, but also actively damage your immune system and increase your risk of infection.

With catastrophic side effects on the cardiovascular, neurological, and reproductive systems, these mandatory “progressive euthanasia” injections are nothing short of a nightmare.

In fact, if you’ve had three or more doses, you are three times more likely to contract Covid. And yet, these dangerous vaccines are still being mandated in some countries.

Even the so-called “bivalent” jab, which allegedly has a 30% efficacy against the Omicron variant, is actually 50% old vaccine and 50% updated vaccine, meaning it’s essentially another dose of the original poison.

It’s clear that the government cares more about using your health as a tool of control than they do about your actual well-being.

They want to destroy your health and make you dependent on them for medical care.

As the UK’s NHS suspends emergency ambulance services and allows people to die in agony without proper healthcare, it’s time to wake up and see the truth about these deadly vaccines.

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