On Thursday, AMN’s CEO, Dijana Dragomirovic was interviewed by Rowan Dean on Sky News where Rowan and Dijana raised awareness about a Bill before the Queensland Parliament to change the National Law which will give AHPRA greater discretion in the way it exercises its powers. Watch here

There are many other proposed changes in the Bill, which have attracted criticism as set out in submissions to the Queensland Parliamentary Committee’s consultation process. The proposed changes to the law regulating health professionals throughout Australia will bound them to follow government policy, which means that government health bureaucrats will determine how doctors and health professionals should approach treatment recommendations for their patients. 

Should this Bill pass and become law it will censor doctors and health professionals and destroy the doctor patient relationship because Doctors/health professionals will have to provide advice promoting confidence even if this is not in the individual patient’s best interests.  This is in stark contrast to the Code of Conduct for doctors in Australia which stipulates, at paragraph 3.1, that “the care of your patient is your primary concern.

Every health professional and Australian (especially Queenslanders), must write to the Queensland Premier, Minister For Health and other MPs and demand they oppose the bill on October 2022. Click here to access full mailing list, select excel option as emails are easily extracted.