Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), defended President Trump in remarks at a press conference Tuesday in Oaxaca over reports of Trump’s imminent arrest over alleged 2016 hush money payments to two women. AMLO also slammed Joe Biden over the bombing of the Nordstream pipeline, with his remarks coming hours before a scheduled meeting with Biden climate envoy John Kerry.

LatinUS excerpt (via Google Translate):

“With all due respect, President Trump, former president, is declaring that they are going to arrest him, I think today for a matter, supposedly, as the lawyers say, allegedly, loving, that they are going to arrest him, if that were the case, then everyone would know, why not we are sucking our finger, which is so that it does not appear on the ballot,” he said in his morning conference from Oaxaca.

“And if I say this it is because I suffered from the fabrication of a crime, because they did not want me to be a candidate and that is completely undemocratic, because the people are not allowed to be the ones to decide, but all this (I say it) like of friends, just to see if they are changing, because already as they say colloquially, already chole“.

Video clips posted by Reforma reporter José Díaz Briseño, “NEW! Angry at US criticism of human rights in Mexico, AMLO comes out in defense of Trump, assuring that his arrest would be a move to prevent him from running for President in 2024…”Whoa! AMLO goes further to say that the Biden Administration has no right to speak about violence in Mexico since it allegedly authorized “sabotaging” the Nord Stream gas pipeline as journalist Seymour Hersh argues.”

“—This is where we are in the US/Mexico affairs: •Hours before meeting Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry, AMLO lends credibility to a story arguing that Biden himself authorized a covert action to bomb the Nord Stream pipeline •Don’t expect Kerry to opt out of the meeting”

Complete video of AMLO press conference in Oaxaca:

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