TCTL editor’s note: As shared here yesterday, Marvin Haberland went to court in Hamburg, Germany, early today with the intention of challenging the entire basis of virology. See yesterday’s article for understanding the case and the strategy.

Below you will find the announcement following the trial that appeared in German at Next Level telegram channel.  You will also find an interview of Marvin immediately following the trial.

At this point, all information sources are in German. I have used various software tools to create rough transcriptions and translations, which were then edited. Please understand that I do not speak German, so consider these rough translations.

From the gist of it, it seems that the case against Marvin was dismissed and that the state must bear all costs of the trial. Marvin was not allowed to present any information to the court. Yet, this is one of four dismissals that Marvin has witnessed, all using this same strategy.  Clearly, the courts are avoiding admitting the evidence that reveals the fraud of virology into public  record.

The video includes interviews with a few of the attendees who shared their observations and perspectives.  ~ Kathleen

A Small Victory for NEXT LEVEL – A Big One for the People

In short: Our press spokesman Marvin Haberland won the trial as expected, in which the court dropped the case and paid the costs.

The subtleties in this are the big win:

(a) We went into this trial without a lawyer.

No lawyer wanted to defend us by supporting our strategy. Thus, we had no legal fees either. So it can be done without.

b) Our strategy is direct and clear

It aims to clarify the lack of science in virology in court, since Paragraph 1 of the Infection Protection Act requires it.

c) We have thus shown that the measures based on an imaginary virus are not justifiable and not tenable.

d) As has been shown, there is no need for complicated strategies, 400-page justifications or briefs. The only thing that needs to be attacked is the basis.

e) The possible avalanche effect

If many people would follow our argumentation, probably either all fines would be stopped, or someone would go to the next instance, where then the scientificity has to be clarified.

f) Our strategy and our expertise, as well as the evidence requests that could not be refuted, were known to all involved, both to the court apparatus and to the many employees whom we contacted throughout to make it clear that we were looking forward to the trial. Perhaps this was also one of the reasons why our trial was constantly postponed and unclear statements were made by staff.

Especially Important:

If the court, the state and others had known of something that they could have used to make a legal example of us regarding our requests for evidence, they certainly would have done so.

Thus, they obviously used the easiest “escape option” and simply discontinued the proceedings.


We will get our chance, we will not let go. Virology will get mighty problems, we are sure.

Virus in Court – Marvin’s Trial

Marvin is interviewed by Jen of Grosse Freiheit TV (found at Odysee & YouTube.)

Jen: [00:00:00]

Hello. Hello and welcome to a new episode of Grosse Freiheit TV. We are in Hamburg at the district court. Here was just the trial of Marvin. You probably know Marvin from my video. We made a video about how he wants to bring down the whole virology in court about five five months ago. And now here was just finally the trial. Marvin, what was it like for you?

Marvin: [00:00:21]

Yeah, so I wasn’t expecting that much of an audience at first. The room was super full. Very thankful for everyone who came. Yes, it was unfortunately only a partial victory, you can say.

As expected, the proceedings were discontinued. So the court costs etc. are borne by the state treasury. One does not have to pay anything, no misdemeanor. But of course, this is not the result one would have wished for now.

I would have liked either to be sentenced or to get an acquittal, so that somehow you have something in writing in your hand. That way, when it’s stopped…

I mean, the judges are also clever, of course. They want to stop it so that they don’t get into trouble, and so that they don’t open up a big can of worms, of course. But that’s not the desired result.

But well, in the end, the judge summoned a witness, a police officer. She couldn’t remember anything and then he stopped the proceedings immediately.

So I had no chance at all to say anything. He then said yes, you have submitted numerous motions for evidence here, but I don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer. I will stop this today, he said, but then I wanted to declare him biased, because this does not meet his responsibility, so to speak. And he didn’t allow that anymore, because he said that the proceedings are over.

So it was obvious to them, to the spectators, of course, that this was just embarrassing. But well, he got quite red in the face, the judge But that’s how it is.

Jen: [00:01:55]

He then also immediately threatened the audience. Then it got a little bit louder, so the people. Yeah, I did too. I thought ‘so, now it’s about to start, now he’s going to be insulted by everybody’. But fortunately the people held back. And then he also said something like, yes, hold back, otherwise I’ll have to have the hall cleared and you’ll be reported to the police. He impressed the people with his authority, so to speak.

Marvin: [00:02:20]

Yes, right, exactly, yes, hides there just a bit behind the barricades, behind this legal facade. But he was visibly uncomfortable. Did you, did you notice? But he probably just has too big problems when he gets involved.

So in my opinion, there were also a lot of people there today. You can then spread this, carry it out, Look here, if you go this way or if you get fines or also with other topics, with vaccinations, if you address the scientificity, so to speak, the virus existence question, which is always played down or ignored by everyone or by many.

That is the only way to lead these things to success, because an attitude is also a success in itself.You just don’t have to pay the money.

If everyone knew that, every citizen would no longer have to abide by these rules, no one would have to follow the vaccinations or other things and would just not have to be afraid of anything, because that only works on this fear basis. Exactly.

Jen: [00:03:25]

Can you report back. You’ve seen other trials in Hamburg. Have they all been stopped?

Marvin: [00:03:30]

Yes, all the trials that used the argumentation with paragraph one, that the scientific nature of virology is not given and therefore the penalty notices are all illegal, they were all dropped.

That was a total of four that I accompanied, including my own proceedings. And they were all simply discontinued, even two of them by the same judge without justification, simply ‘I will discontinue it now. Done.’

Jen: [00:03:56]

And what was your impression here on site?

So you wrote me yesterday evening, you wrote me only then, so about yes, here are security checks and then I have, when I came in here, I have just seen how at the airport you become. You have to leave cell phones there. I had to leave my camera in the car and now someone from the audience, you’re about to see the whole player again. He also said that it seemed to him a bit like sabotage, that the people were left outside, that they didn’t deliberately create a queue, that they deliberately chose a small hall. I also said, I don’t know what it’s like here otherwise, I’m never here otherwise. What is your impression? Do you think it was deliberately done that way, because of course they got it? It gets big media noticed that it gets a big media attention. What is your impression? You have also been standing here in front of the lock.

Marvin: [00:04:49]

Exactly. So I’ve been here a couple of times. So I can’t agree with that. I don’t think that there was blocking, I haven’t been able to determine that now. It was a long queue, because many people were there. But they got in quite quickly. I think the hall is actually the largest one they have here. Well, or there is a bigger one. Okay, but it was definitely big, I think.

Of course, not everybody got in. I didn’t see exactly how many didn’t get in, but I think there were about 40 people sitting in the back of the hall.

Yes, basically you can say that the judge knows from the beginning that he wants to stop it.

It doesn’t matter what I said. It doesn’t matter what the witnesses said or didn’t say, in the case that it is to be stopped. That’s programmed from the beginning. And yes, that is already valuable to know, if you have this strategy, then you are just so strongly right that the legal system cannot help itself any more than to just stop it. That’s their only chance to even cover this thing.

Jen: [00:05:58]

Yes, I say the judge, then his hands were more or less tied. If he had actually said, I’ll invite an expert and that would have come out accordingly, that the whole virology, that this is simply not scientific, then it would probably have been the same for him as for the judge in Weimar. Or what would you say to that?

Marvin: [00:06:15]

Yes, that’s exactly how I see it! So of course the judge is under extreme pressure. I mean, if he had done that, then it would certainly have been similar to the judge in Weimar or it would have had other consequences. He also happened to be ill two weeks earlier in October, when the actual hearing was scheduled. I don’t know whether that was for strategic reasons.

In any case, I can say that ‘I saw you here’ in the building during this time shortly afterwards. He had other OWI proceedings that I was in the room for at the time. So he was, in any case, healthy again shortly afterwards and then it still took half a year until I got the invitation here again.

So you can think about it, was that just to annoy him or to put him on the rack? Well, I mean, in the end it doesn’t matter. I just want to show the public that this kind of thing is simply stopped. Everybody can follow that and that’s good.

Jen: [00:07:14]

So what’s the way forward now? Are you going to pursue further litigation or what is your next course of action now to bring down this viral lie?

Marvin: [00:07:25]

Yes, so I’ve talked to some audience members today who actually still have cases pending, some of them even now in the second instance. So we can certainly support there.

And yes, I will simply continue to get involved in the area and of course by making this so public, that was also my goal, people also see from this. Hey, this will simply be stopped.

These arguments are not discussed at all in court, they are not even taken up, they are simply dropped.

So there’s probably something really hot cooking. So it can’t be completely wrong.

And of course also with friends and family, etc., who have all understood that in the meantime, even those who were super-pro, so to speak, on the subject of vaccination or corona have apologized to me in the meantime and also understood that, so to speak.

And that is actually the only thing that we also want to achieve, which is simply to provide clarification and in what way it is now done, whether with attitudes or with a verdict, it is actually the same for us, because we make it public anyway.

And yes, with the attitude is the thing actually, so to speak. Silence can also be something — can also be a statement in that case.

Jen: [00:08:37]

All right? Yeah, thank you so much for putting yourself out there. And now here are a few more impressions from the hearing here.

Trial Attendee#1: [00:08:43]

Our jurisprudence is totally screwed up, so screwed up. The judge already had his verdict. It was so obvious, because yeah well, there was another policewoman called as a witness, but she couldn’t remember. A subject, that was a joke. So that was to make it appear it was a really good trial. No, it wasn’t. He then also outed himself, after all, by saying, ‘Yes, I don’t want to keep them in suspense for long. I’m going to stop the proceedings.’

Trial Attendee #2: [00:09:11]

And they weren’t up for the expertise thing and that’s why they said okay, let’s shut this thing down before we do any more damage to our already placed ship. That was actually my impression.

And it was also interesting that the judge, when asked why he had made this decision, only referred to his judicial sovereignty. So one cannot say more to it… Now that the fairy tale, the narrative, so to speak, little by little disintegrates, one simply does not want to let in still such long discussions, which could still increase the damage…

Trial Attendee #3: [00:09:45] That happened very quickly. The policewoman couldn’t remember. Right. But when the judge asked again if there was anything with an affidavit or something. then all of a sudden she could remember, but not really. So it seemed to me like it was a little comedy that was being performed. The policewoman then also went out again and then then the judge then stated ‘yes, I’ll put that then’.

Jen: [00:10:10]

On, Have you been in the room?

Trial Attendee #4: [00:10:12]

[This clearly did not translate well.] No, So we were actually, let’s say in a relatively strange way ultra-slow dispatched here I as extra because of the process traveled to and did not know that here somehow so a kind of combination control, courtroom and airport takes place. Was there but male female separated, there it went already. Then was yes the process begins.

Jen: [00:10:33]

Let’s see, it was missing.

Trial Attendee #4: [00:10:35]

Exactly and 10:30 only up. So there was already the smell of sabotage somehow in the air, I say. We were then still upstairs and then Mr. Marvin already came out and announced, the process was stopped. So all in all, half hour wait and one minute information.

Trial Attendee #5: [00:11:02]

I’m not a lawyer. Maybe they have their formal legal reasons, but it makes you wonder if it’s our court and our state.

Trial Attendee#1: [00:11:12]

It is. I would have quite liked to see 100 years of virology just go down the drain. But that’s not going to happen because they’re just too powerful.

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