On October 21, 2022, the Honorable Terry A. Doughty ruled in favor of the Missouri Attorney General, immediately deposing Anthony Fauci and nine additional defendants under oath. This will be the first time Fauci & Friends will be grilled under oath since the lab-enhanced, Fauci-funded, COVID bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2 was unleashed upon humanity.

The case of State of Missouri et al. l v. Joseph R Biden revolves around allegations of coordinated suppression of 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights. 

The substance of this case is that innocent Americans, some branded as the ‘Disinformation Dozen,’ were systematically de-platformed by major tech social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) upon government request in order to suppress freedom of speech and open scientific debate. 

The allegations are that this was done in a coordinated fashion between the Biden administration and social media platform owners who are also heavily invested in the harmaceutical COVID shots and receive a disproportionate amount of funding from the harmaceutical industry by way of harmaceutical ad placements

Did you know that more than half of all harmaceutical wealth comes from the people of 1 country…the people of the United States. (https://www.statista.com/topics/8415/pharma-and-healthcare-industry-advertising-in-the-us/#dossierKeyfigures)

If you’re thinking, “follow the money” to uncover the financial conflicts of interest, collusion, and actual conspiracy to murder for profit (no theory about it)…well, so am I.

The problem is they used our US Taxpayer dollars to pull most of this off. They lied, and people died. They stole and now must pay the toll.

Fauci & Friends knew they were telling the biggest lie in human history, so they knew that they had to suppress freedom of speech if they wanted to control the narrative.

Thankfully, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Jill Hines, and a host of other brave Americans stood up to fight for the country they love!

Remember the Great Barrington Declaration? We knew from day one how to handle this supposed global crisis.

Remember that we knew what the Early Treatment Protocol should be within weeks, thanks to great people like Dr. Zelenko and Dr. McCullough. 

Remember that within weeks, we knew that Vitamin D was essential for prevention and Asymptomatic Transmission was unproven and impossible.

Remember that within weeks, we knew that the PCR test should never be used diagnostically and that the actual rushed test was completely inaccurate.

Remember that within weeks, we knew that Fauci & Friends were cooking the books with the hyperinflation of the number of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

We knew they were lying. 

Our freedom of speech was intentionally suppressed in an intentional and coordinated collusion involving the Biden administration, Fauci & Friends, legacy mainstream media, the harmaceutical industry, and the social media overlords…because with this propaganda machine incessantly arrayed against us and the Constitution, we depend upon, we weren’t able to get crucial information out to the public that would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and prevented the economic collapse on the horizon.

The Honorable Terry A. Doughty has now ruled in favor of transparency and accountability in government and is further proof that while we need a good attorney when going into a court of law…we also always need a good judge too. 

In this instance, the Honorable Terry A. Doughty has proven that good judges still exist…and maybe that hope does float. 

This is simply the most significant victory for Health Freedom fighters all around the world since the Supreme Court struck down Vaccine Mandates earlier this year.

The beginning of the end has begun for the criminals, which is why they panicked imho and rushed to get the shots on the childhood schedule before this all comes crashing down after the election.

Read this by the Honorable Terry A. Doughty…

“First, Plaintiffs assert that Dr. Fauci has refused to verify under oath his own interrogatory responses in violation of this Court’s Order. The NIAID’s responses were instead verified by Dr. Jill Harper, who was not named in the Complaint. Accordingly, Dr. Fauci has made no statements under oath regarding his communications with social media platforms, which violates this Court’s Order regarding the discovery that instructed Dr. Fauci to provide interrogatory responses.21 The Court sees the importance of having Dr. Fauci make statements under oath as it relates to the issues of this matter.

Next, the Plaintiffs argue that even if Dr. Fauci can prove he never communicated with social media platforms about censorship, there are compelling reasons that suggest Dr. Fauci has acted through intermediaries, and acted on behalf of others in procuring the social-media censorship of credible scientific opinions. The plaintiffs argue that even if Dr. Fauci acted indirectly or as an intermediary on behalf of others, it is still relevant to Plaintiffs’ preliminary injunction motion. The Court agrees.”

Source – https://www.americaoutloud.com/major-win-in-court-fauci-friends-to-be-deposed-under-oath/