01-March-2023: Extract of an Email sent to the head of Australia’s TGA ; John Skerritt who, like many involved in the promotion of LNP Synthetic Messenger RNA genetic Vaccines is retiring.

Dear John Skerritt,

While you are resigning and leaving your position as head of the TGA, many now believe you will be pursued in the courts by those seeking compensation and justice in relation to the death and hospitalisation caused by TGA Regulatory measures you presided over including:
a) the wilful obstruction of safe and effective components to multi-drug peer reviewed preventative and early Covid19 treatments
b) by a failure to properly regulate the use of genetic vaccine products where a reckless disregard for the precautionary principle can be demonstrated.

To help put these likely claims in context:

1.0 The wilful obstruction of Lifesaving medicine.
To this day you and the TGA continue to wilfully obstruct life-saving safe and effective Covid19 multi-drug protocols even when there appears to be an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to this obstruction resulting in thousands of avoidable Australian deaths with Covid19 and tens of thousands of avoidable Hospitalisations with Covid19.
I personally made you aware of a peer reviewed treatment guide back in December 2020; an email you replied to so it is on the record that you were aware medications the TGA were and continue to obstruct were being used as part of life saving early Covid19 treatment protocols.

This wilful obstruction, in part, was seen to be motivated by a desire to pave the way for wholesale uptake of genetic medications produced by some of the TGA’s biggest paying customers; namely the manufacturers of Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA (genetic) “vaccines”; Pfizer and Moderna.  This also paved the way for Government backed “investments” in Plants to mass produce these “loose cannon” genetic products within Australia.

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2.0 TGA Promotion of Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA genetic “vaccines” produced by the TGA’s largest paying clients
There appears to an overwhelming and still growing body of evidence that there has been an abandonment of the TGA’s regulatory responsibility to fully understand and safely regulate genetic medications.  There was, what many believe, an inexplicable ease with which the TGA allowed some of its biggest paying customers to gain regulatory provisional approval for a technology that evidence shows was clearly nowhere near ready for safe and effective widespread use on  humans.

2.1 FOI information demonstrating that the TGA reckless disregard Pfizer documents explaining that you could EXPECT an uncontrolled biodistribution of Lipid Nano Particles.
This FOI demonstrates the TGA’s failure to include this expected inflammatory biodistribution of Lipid Nano Particles as part of informed consent for patients and the TGA failed to provide this information to health practitioners who were asked to administer this product.  The TGA failure extended to keeping both businesses and public institutions  who were asked to promote this product from realising what they were really promoting.

Under an FOI  request it was revealed that the TGA had in its possession in January of 2021, (before releasing  what some would term “a Frankenstein of a genetic vaccine” onto and into the Australian public), a Pfizer Nonclinical Evaluation Report with information that should have put an end to the provisional process the moment it was properly reviewed.
See: https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/foi-2389-06.pdf

It is plain to see that in a table on page 45 there was  a clearly laid out table showing an unregulated widespread biodistribution for Lipid Nano Particles (used in the genetic Vaccines) in Rat studies.
Experts were and still are horrified  by the table on Page 45.
To many it is unconscionable for the TGA to have known that an uncontrolled biodistribution of Lipid Nano Particles, laden with a SYNTHETIC messenger RNA would likely take place in a Human application and for the TGA not to immediately halt any form of approval.
The table clearly presented an accumulate of LNPs in the following cell types (according to the rat studies presented):

Spinal cord
Prostate (males)
Adipose tissue
Salivary glands
Testes (males)
Whole blood
Uterus (females) – This one putting entire generations at risk !!! –
You Authorised it for use on Children John !!
Blood : plasma ratio
Bone (femur)
Pituitary gland
Lymph node (mandibular)
Large intestine
Lymph node (mesenteric)
Small intestine
Bone marrow (femur)
Ovaries (females)
Adrenal glands
A Graphic representation of the table on page 45 of that report (removing the Injection Site Data) is seen below:
To give an idea of scale at the 48 hour mark the injection site reading was 164.9

In the opinion of experts, the full scope of the Toxicology of the genetic vaccines with this biodistribution would take hundreds of years to understand.
One has to wonder, since the TGA allowed the release of these products, how many GP’s, Specialists and Hospital staff have had to state in their assessment “that’s rare” or “I’ve not seen that before” or “we can’t determine the cause”.

It should be obvious that tissue and cells damage in ALL the cell types above is highly plausible and likely from one or more of the following factors be it alone or in some complex combination of functional interactions that doctors have never had to think about before:
a) The highly Inflammatory Nature of LNPs – A technology previously abandoned for its known elicitation of highly inflammatory polymorphonuclear leukocytes
and a Technology previously abandoned due to the failure to formulate LNPs that target and are CONFINED to target cell types; right now we are left with in an uncontrolled cluster bomb type “vector”.

b) Debris of LNPs after they have broken down in around the cells

c) The Synthetic Nature of the messenger RNA – Never in a mass released medication have ANY human cells been asked to use SYNTHETIC messenger RNA (not crafted from its own DNA) where one of the four fundamental nitrogenous bases, uracil, has been completely replaced by Pseudouridine ; what could possibly go wrong John ?
John we already know that the Synthetic messenger RNA last up to 20 times longer than any natural messenger RNA in a mammal:
See: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1111/apm.13294?
To get a tiny idea of how out of its depth this Synthetic messenger RNA technology is, watch this simple video of how proteins are produced from DNA instructions.  Then ask yourself, if this process took millions of years to fine tune (for each cell type) with likely millions of failures along the way, what chance has a warp speed development of a Synthetic messenger RNA by Pfizer or Moderna got of being safe when its delivery is essentially a cluster bomb throughout the body.
Please watch

;it will take under 3 minutes of your time

d) Impure mRNA in the genetic vaccine (Fragmented) see this this link derived again from FOI information extracted from the TGA

e) The presence of Spike Protein (Now known to be a body Toxin) in one or more of these cell types

f) The Extra Tasks/Loads put on the Cells, that had only ever received NATURAL messenger RNA “instructions” ;The impact on the cells normal function from using up its resources to make the Covid-19 Spike Protein are COMPLETELY unknown for the Majority, if not all ,of the cells where biodistribution of the genetic vaccine is expected to accumulate.

Does the TGA have results of any tests for safety or any safety data that rules out one or more of the above factors in any one of the identified cell types likely to receive the genetic product ?

2.3 FOI reveals TGA DAENS Cover Up of Children’s Deaths
Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr Melissa McCann reveal that the TGA appears to have hidden numerous vaccine-induced deaths from the public view, including those of two children.
See the FOI: https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/2022-08/foi-3727-01.pdf

3.0 The Tidal wave of Data
John, you must be feeling this by now
Unexplained Sudden Deaths
Unexplained Excess Deaths
Vaccinated verses unvaccinated Hospital Data and mortality data
Reduced fertility
Perinatal deaths
Aviation accidents/incidents
Australia’s high Deaths with Covid19  as compared to regions where obstructions of
medications like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are not in place and
compared to lower vaccination rate countries
Covid19 case numbers
Your Own DAENS reporting system; where coverups are appearing to emerge
See :

Australia’s drug regulator hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that ‘disclosure could undermine public confidence’ Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr Melissa McCann reveal that the TGA appears to have hidden numerous vaccine-induced deaths from the public view, including those of two children. …Read more

Let’s take for example NSW Hospital Data with Vaccination status:
While the NSW Hospital Data with Vaccination Status has now been hidden since Jan 2023 – the snap shot to the last data before it was withheld from the public tells the tale:

New Zealand data already obtained through Information requests reveals that the COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely to Die from COVID (Not Less)

4.0 Ridiculous TGA Double Standards

4.1 Obstruction of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin while allowing Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA genetic “vaccines” with over 900 reported deaths on DAENS in 2 years
4.2 Banning a cough medicine while giving the green light to Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA genetic “vaccines” with over 900 reported deaths on DAENS
Channel nine report

The TGA had withdrawn pholcodine-containing cough medicines because IT MAY CAUSE an anaphylactic  shock in reaction to some anaesthetics

TGA website https://www.tga.gov.au/news/media-releases/pholcodine-cough-medicines-cancelled-tga-and-recalled-pharmacies-safety-reasons

The cancellation and recall actions are being taken because of a link between pholcodine-containing medicines and an increased risk of anaphylactic reactions (a sudden, severe and life-threatening allergic reaction) to certain medicines used as muscle relaxants during general anaesthesia (called neuromuscular blocking agents).

Up to 9 February this year, the TGA has also received 50 reports of Australian cases of suspected pholcodine-related anaphylactic reactions to neuromuscular blockers, including one fatality.

5.0 The Next Phase – Your Choice
John , surely the ONLY thing you could do to reduce the severity upon how you might be Judged in court and by the public would be  
a) Quickly rescind the TGA’s obstructions of the use of both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in multi-drug peer reviewed protocols for early and preventative Covid19 treatments.
b) Quickly rescind the provisional or otherwise approvals of Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA genetic “vaccines”

The predictable alternative:

Wave upon wave of FOIs upon
– the TGA, its information to hand and its correspondence,
– State and Federal Health Authorities
– Government data collection agencies
– Covid19 advisory committees on Covid19
– Politian communications concerning obstructions of medications and rushed
authorisations without proper genetic medicines regulation
– State Hospital statistics by vaccination status ,communications, policies, standards
of Covid19 care and denied treatment requests with Intravenous high dose vitamin C
and Vitamin D,  Ivermectin and HCQ in the denied mix to be probed
– ABS data including slow walked data like all-cause mortality & the top causes of
death ; particularly relating to diseases associated with vasculitis and autoimmune
conditions where biodistribution of the genetic vaccines was predicted by the Pfizer
non Clinical Report presented to the TGA Jan 2021
– Hospitals, Morgues, Cemeteries, Aged care facilities and other organisation

Many expect that the tidal wave of damning information and data will continue to grow and ,sadly, get much stronger.

John Skerrit can you please consider going against the wishes of your biggest TGA clients and allowing competing products that are safe and effective drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ to be used to stop the mounting deaths and suffering with Covid19; mostly of the aged and those with significant co-morbidities

John Skerrit can you please consider going against the wishes of your biggest TGA clients by suspending the use of neither safe nor effective Lipid Nano Particle SYNTHETIC messenger RNA genetic “vaccines” to stop the mounting deaths and suffering from adverse effects on our children , our childbearing population, our elderly and possibly our future generations.

Source – https://thenobodywhoknowseverybody.substack.com/p/john-skerritt-a-tidal-wave-of-data