Grand Jury Investigation September Update

In March 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) abruptly changed how death certificates were recorded. However, the CDC only made this change for one type of death — COVID-19 — and apparently broke multiple federal laws to do so. Shortly thereafter, the CDC adopted the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists’ April 15, 2020 position paper for defining what constitutes a COVID case. The CDC did so without implementing safeguards to ensure that the same individual would not be counted multiple times.

Together, these acts ended up significantly and irrevocably altering COVID-19 case counts, mortality data and other pertinent data. They illustrate what appears to be ongoing instances of willful misconduct by the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal agencies throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Collectively, these acts set the stage for interminable lockdown measures and a bevy of policies that have been instituted in the name of protecting public health. However, these public health policies have been implemented without regard to the dire consequences they would ultimately have on American society — from an increase in suicides, poverty and family violence, to children living in dire isolation, to loved ones being forced die all alone.

The acts of alleged willful misconduct are outlined in a new peer-reviewed position paper which, through more than 20,000 hours of investigative research, addresses such topics as:

  • Asymptomatic transmission, which has never been definitively proven based upon the five medical gold-standards of empirical evidence for the evaluation of infectious disease (and which is the basis for mandatory masking and social distancing policies).
  • The withholding of evidence-based treatments for COVID-19 by the FDA and CDC.
  • The intentional use of PCR tests qualitatively (when PCR tests are quantitative tests) to drive case counts.
  • Faulty COVID-19 projection models, including those that presume the frequency of asymptomatic transmission.
  • A lack of transparency regarding experimental COVID biologics, which are under investigation for safety and efficacy until their trials conclude in 2022 and 2023.

As reported by experts in our February 2021 panel event, “CDC: Data Disaster,” Stand for Health Freedom has solid evidence that the official COVID numbers being reported are not accurate. Moreover, these numbers have been skewed to incite fear and invoke public polices that have radically changed how we as a society work, worship, learn, move about society and interact with others, including our own family members. The United States has been in a state of public health emergency for more than a year now. Americans have had enough. We cannot idly sit by and allow agencies that are entrusted with protecting our health to invoke bad policies, keep us in a state of perpetual lockdown, or engage in acts of willful misconduct at the expense of our basic human rights. That’s why we’re calling for another federal investigation.

In February, Stand for Health Freedom called upon all Americans to ask key congressmen charged with federal agency oversight to launch a formal investigation into the CDC’s conduct during COVID-19. To date, tens of thousands have responded. Now, with strong evidence of willful misconduct across multiple federal agencies, we are asking you to stand with us to petition attorney generals nationwide to hold a special grand jury investigation into the conduct of the CDC, FDA, and all agencies and individuals directly involved with the federal and local response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Independent grand jury investigations are a means for Americans to have oversight over all three branches of government during extraordinary times as a constitutional fixture in its own right and confirmed by United States v. Williams (1992). Transparency is a hallmark of government and a necessary tenet of a democratic society; it cannot be ignored or negotiated away during times of emergency. Let’s restore it now by signing this petition and urging attorney generals nationwide to convene a special grand jury to conduct an independent investigation of the government’s conduct during COVID-19.

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