The WHO, FDA, CDC, and most all other world health authorities recommend that you NOT see this video. Why? Because it proves they are all incompetent to monitor safety signals. See you at 11am PST.

Executive summary

This video exposes the fact that the COVID vaccine is dangerous, causes severe adverse events that do not resolve, proves causality, proves that vaccine injuries are real, proves that world governments are deliberately keeping this data from public view (i.e., that they are corrupt), and proves that nearly every world health authority got it wrong about the safety of the COVID vaccines.

And we’ll also show that YouTube is just as corrupt when they censor the livestream so you won’t find out the truth about what the Israeli scientists told the Israeli Ministry of Health.

You won’t want to miss it.

It’s finally here

The video is so important that ACIP Chair, Stanford Professor Grace Lee tried to get me arrested so that she wouldn’t have to answer the question, “Do you want to see the Israeli MoH safety data?” The video showing the Palo Alto cops confronting me outside her front door has 34K views and 646 likes and just 3 thumbs down (probably from Grace Lee, her husband, and their dog).

This is the video that no health authority in America (except Troy Ross and Joe Ladapo) wants you to see.

This is the video that EVERY mainstream media reporter is FORBIDDEN to watch. If you watch it, they will fire you.

This is the video none of your blue pilled friends will be able to watch.

Money making hint: You can make big money fast by betting your blue pilled friends $100 that they can’t watch the movie from start to finish and recall anything that happened in the video. After the first few minutes, their mind will shut down from the cognitive dissonance and their eyes will glaze over. They won’t recall a thing.

The video of the year

This is the video that PROVES, with data that cannot be ignored, that the COVID vaccines are unsafe and that the CDC ignored serious safety signals that do not go away.

This is the video that PROVES that there are vaccine injured.

The Israeli government doesn’t want you to see this video, it is not approved for showing on YouTube, none of you local, state and federal health authorities want you to see the video. The mainstream media doesn’t want you to see it. Your member of Congress doesn’t want you to see it. Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see it. Ashih Jha and his pal Vivek H. Murthy absolutely don’t want you to see it. Your doctor doesn’t want you to see it. Your blue-pill friends don’t want you to see it.

For more about the video

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