Within the last week, there have been some stunning developments in the medical freedom movement’s efforts to halt the COVID mRNA vaccines and bring to light criminal behavior by pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Dr. Naomi Wolf appeared on WarRoom to discuss: 

Hits to Big Pharma

1- Andrew Bridgen, Member of the UK Parliament, gave a speech yesterday in which he called for halting the COVID vaccine program immediately. MP Bridgen revealed an overt coverup of research by a leading member of the British Heart Foundation that connected heart inflammation with mRNA vaccines.

The full video of his speech in parliament:

2- Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced multiple steps toward the goal of ensuring ethical medicine and accountability in the State of Florida. DeSantis announced the creation of a grand jury to accomplish the following:

  • Investigate mRNA shots and the pharmaceutical companies that created them.
  • Investigate cardiac-related deaths and their connection to the vaccine.
  • Form a Public Health Integrity Committee whose job will be to oversee the medical establishment.

3- Senator Ron Johnson held his third Covid roundtable last week, where he heard testimonies from doctors, lawyers, scientists, researchers, and vaccine-injured victims related to the aftermath of the mRNA vaccine campaign.

10-minute highlight video of the 3-hour panel:

4. Elon Musk followed up on his Prosecute/Fauci tweet this morning with an emoji that confirms an upcoming release of The Twitter Files will include information that Twitter and the US Government (Fauci specifically) colluded to censor COVID tweets that were off-script.

The combination of the above forces along with a newly robust conversation in the online sphere with the Twitter reinstatement of leading physicians allows for optimism that the COVID information dam is well and truly on its way to breaking.

Source – https://dailyclout.io/high-profile-hits-to-big-pharma/