western silence (or worse, praise) for china’s government is shameful

china is nasty as hell to dissidents and has been setting up for absolute savagery for years now.

and the west sits silent.

and at a certain point, that silence becomes complicity.

and past a certain point, active plaudits and praise for “the chinese system” becomes morally intolerable.

and i would argue that we’re well over the rubicon.

china has become a dystopian movie.

the chinese government is a brutal dictatorship whose leader just basically appointed himself strongman for life.

and the west does not care.

they have been rounding up ethnic minorities by the millions for a decade and putting them in “re-education camps” and forcing them into what amounts to slave labor.

and the west managed a couple tepid news stories about uyghurs then forgot.

and then they started building massive internment camps all over the country where anyone can be sent at the push of a button that turns your covid QR code red and where you can be held indefinitely (and at your own expense) until they decide to let you go.

and the US government just keeps selling them cut rate oil from our own strategic reserve to power this.

and folks like noted james bond villain cosplay enthusiast klaus schwab nod in approval and wish we could be more like them.

The World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab, let the mask slip last week when he stated in an interview which nation he believes is a “role model” for the rest of the world.

According to Fox News, in an interview with Chinese state-affiliated media during last week’s APEC CEO Summit in Bangkok, Schwab says he sees the Chinese system as a “role model” for other nations.

“I think it’s a role model for many countries,” he said. While clarifying that each country needs to make its own decisions, Schwab did say that “the Chinese model is certainly a very attractive model for quite a number of countries.”

note that this is a longstanding practice. these same folks loved mussolini, hitler, and stalin back in the 30’s and 40’s. media too. hitler won time’s man of the year in 1938. stalin won twice.

elites love dictatorships. always have.


and now china is losing its mind again and using the pretext of a disease to clamp down on its people over and over if they protest working conditions or bank scams or any of the other parts of the grand potemkin economy’s imminent unraveling as the debt fueled profitless prosperity of the 20 year bubble comes home to roost.

the whole place is moving to a war footing against its own people.

it’s getting so bad that even some of the western media is starting to notice, possibly because it means that there may be an iphone shortage for christmas.

much of what is going on is, frankly, surreal. it’s difficult to even get your head around both the magnitude and the inhumanity.

and china is not playing around.

make no mistake: the answer is almost certainly “yes.”

i guess they knew.

china is not a country where you get a wrist slap.

this is how you get beatings, gulag, re-education, life-long inability to live, work, travel, get a loan, etc.

and they just built “covid jails” for millions.

there is an entire social credit system dedicated to ensuring that this is so and that every action can carry granular, lifelong consequences that cost basically zero to impose.

and that’s if you’re lucky.

if you’re not, this is how you are “never seen again.”

and that makes this bravery just awe inspiring.

these are not noisy kids LARPing at activism in the romper rooms of US universities.

these people are putting their lives on the line.

this is beyond brave.

this is the good fight.

and where in hell is even one western leader standing in support?

the silence is thunderous indictment of their tactical morality.

this is just such a stunning fail.

we are literally just standing by and letting the 30’s happen again on a new continent.

we’re outright helping it along because it gets us cheaper sneakers.

and we’re allowing the folks saying “hey, what a great idea, we should do this in the west too!” to walk around pretending they are the moral ones.

it really is sad the way humans never learn.

Source – https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/forcing-the-brave-to-stand-alone