Ed Dowd joined Steve Bannon on The War Room in late 2022 to discuss the excess mortality rates we are witnessing following two years of the COVID vaccine mandates.

Ed Dowd, an equity investment executive, went on The War Room back in March 2022 with an explosive report on the excess number of deaths recorded in the US since the introduction of the mandatory experimental vaccines.

Back in March Dowd said that U.S. millennials, aged 25-44, experienced a record-setting 84% increase in excess mortality during the final four months of 2021.

According to Ed Dowd, the latest numbers from August revealed an excess mortality rate of 36% for millennials.

Ed Dowd later told The War Room of significant increases in the US disability rate that is directly related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ed Dowd told the War Room audience, “So, just to give you some idea of the number I said on your show a couple of weeks ago and to Senator Ron Johnson, there was about 1.2 million we calculated in September. It’s now about 1.7 million starting about February 2021 thru November of 2022. 1.7 employed people have become disabled and that’s a big number.

That is a HUGE number of individuals who have been disabled due to the mandatory vaccines!

Last week Tucker Carlson invited Ed Dowd on to discuss his research on Tucker Carlson originals.

Ed Dowd told the FOX News audience about his research on the unexplained increases in death rates and disability numbers.  Ed Dowd told Tucker, “The only thing that changed was a mass vaccination campaign and mandates.”

On Tuesday Ed Dowd released the Society of Actuary’s (SOA) excess deaths numbers for the 4th quarter of 2022.

In December the SOA found a 43% increase in excess deaths than what was expected for those under 45.

This is a stunning number and it is significantly higher than in October when the number was 13% for those under 45 years of age.

Actuaries are worried about the upcoming strain on hospitals.

Source – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/breaking-by-ed-dowd-society-of-actuaries-excess-death-numbers-released-for-december-in-age-group-under-44-number-is-43-higher-than-expected/