The global threat of “rolling-blackouts” and the manufactured Western “energy crisis” — threatens local Energy Lockdowns, and a Carbon Credit Score allocation and restriction of electricity

Someday soon, somewhere yonder the rolling hills of bird-pulverising wind-turbines — a manufactured period of ‘rolling-blackouts’ is set to bring a darkness that rolls us all into Carbon Credit Scores.

On June 13, 2022, Victorians were notified by a VicGov issued text-message that a statewide power outage was looming. This was a precautionary notification that announced the potential of a necessary ‘blackout,’ or a period of ‘rolling-blackouts,’ due to abnormal pressure on the Australian power grid. We were urged to be prepared — collective anxiety was deliberately induced amongst a trauma-prone population emerging from years of lockdown psychosis. Millions of Australians were similarly forewarned across the nation as residents in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia were all urged to anticipate ‘mass blackouts’ alongside Victorians.

Fortunately, this did not eventuate, and the “energy crisis” was averted by the frantic intervention of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).1

Daily Mail Australia, June 14

Reportedly, AEMO was forced to intervene and ordered extra generators to come online to cover power shortages. The power operators had capped their supply due to soaring wholesale costs, having had their prices first capped by AEMO. Thus, the order to trigger additional generators would force production of electricity at a commercial loss. Supposedly, a recent ‘polar surge’ had brought freezing temperatures to the Australian continent and domestic heating systems had consumed and depleted reserves. It seemed ongoing demand would ultimately outstrip supply and force a blackout of zero usage and zero access. Or, so the “official narrative” insisted.

This inexplicable national shortage of power was blamed on a ‘perfect storm,’ that was compounded by unusually ‘freezing weather’ (like we’ve never experienced cold), high gas prices due to the Ukraine war (sure, sure) and maintenance outages at public-owned coal power plants (deliberate sabotage?) There was also the lament of a premature transition to renewables, with ‘green energy’ zealotry hampering investment in traditional and dependable energy sources of coal and gas, and that the reserves were inevitably impacted.2 A reckless dependence on intermittent and unreliable ‘green energy’ will ultimately guarantee energy scarcity and costly production — just ask the gone-green Germans during their many unromantic candle-lit dinners in the bitter cold.3

It can be assumed that all this was a staged PsyOp to introduce the notion of electricity volatility and scarcity for future implementation: a socio-seeding scenario program. It was all a precursor “event” to justify future shock-factor Energy Lockdowns, and Carbon Credit Score allocated access, and restriction, on electricity usage.

The Australian energy supply forecast: bleak

Mainstream media produced a follow-up analysis on August 31 to contextualise the June 13 “electricity threat.” The report forecast an ominous future in which ‘Australians faced an increased risk of rolling blackouts as coal-fired generators close, and electricity demand increases,’ and that ‘South Australia and Victoria will be the states hardest hit.’ Tellingly, the Eureka-stockade spirit of rebellious Victorians is always ‘hardest hit’ in such nefarious calculations (World’s longest Lockdown!) Furthermore, the power prognosticators prophesied that Victorians were expected to experience ongoing shortages and rolling-blackouts from the second half of 2024: a future narrative coalescing in the present.4 Dan Andrews’ proposed revival of ‘a 100% renewables powered’ State Electricity Commission (SEC) will further exacerbate the shortage and supply issues — by design.5 In such a reality, totalitarian measures to ‘flatten the curve’6 of electricity consumption, domestic, small business and industrial power restrictions, prohibitive costs, and ultimately the need for strategic Energy Lockdowns would be normalised — “for the greater good”.

The Global threat of “rolling-blackouts” and the manufactured Western “energy crisis”

Concurrent with the Australian “energy crisis,” (and the experts who offered a bleak prognosis for our energy sufficiency and capacity for the foreseeable future) — the European Union, and the United Kingdom were strategically disconnected by the their boomeranging-sanctions against Russia: severing access to cheap and abundant Russian gas. It was almost as if a plan to deprive and reduce access to affordable energy was being orchestrated against the populations of the Five Eye Western Nations and the EU. And it was. Despite Australia being a hemisphere and continents away from the conflict in the Ukraine — all Western countries, irrespective of geographic location, were each being unilaterally subjected to the exact same “energy crisis” playbook (much like the lock-step response of the global COVID lockdowns.)

Alas, Australia has also been targeted for dramatic “green” de-industrialisation and “planet cooling” energy impoverishment — in unison with the Great Reset vision held by Technocratic Apex Predators who salivate and gnash at the prospect of enforcing digital and medical enslavement upon the global populace. Absolute power over each person’s access to power, will allow absolute rule over the disempowered people.

Switzerland has prematurely unveiled what energy-lockdowns will look like

On December 2, 2022, Switzerland unveiled a raft of lockdown-style restrictions to conserve power during an “energy crisis.”7 To counter the advent of rolling-blackouts, the Swiss Government announced an Energy Emergency Plan that was divided into two categories: Emergency (three degrees of restrictions) and Crisis (four additional degrees of restrictions.) The tiered-measures were designed to operate like COVID lockdowns, with each stage triggered in accordance with the availability of energy.8

Australians should anticipate that their state governments will attempt to implement a similar energy-lockdown template during our own manufactured “energy crisis”— the COVID tyranny was just a precursor, and served as a means of warping the social-psyche to meekly accept such government overreach. Our governments have been emboldened by their recent abuse of unscientific mandates and lockdowns, and will not hesitate to inflict these Swiss measures (and more) to achieve their overarching agenda: absolute control.

The Swiss Emergency Energy Plan:


  • People asked to limit their washing machines to a maximum of 40C
  • Public buildings heated to no more than 20C — unless they are a hospital or nursing home.


  • Public buildings heated to no more than 19C — unless they are a hospital or nursing home.
  • Streaming services forced to limit the resolution of their videos to standard instead of HD, older video game consoles banned.


  • Shops will be asked to reduce opening times by up to two hours per day.
  • Electric vehicles limited to essential journey only: that means attending a professional practice, food shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, and attending court hearings.


  • Hot water will be turned off in public bathrooms, air conditioning in private homes will be barred, as will the use of electric leaf blowers.


  • Outdoor Christmas lights will then be extinguished, escalators will be stopped, and commercial ice machines will have to be shut down.


  • Swimming pools will have to shut, sports stadiums cannot be illuminated, nightclub lighting will turn off, and cryptocurrency mining will be barred.


  • All leisure businesses will have to close and all sports matches will be banned, along with concerts, theatre and opera.

How they will introduce Carbon Credit Scores

The precedent, the excuse, and the promise of future rolling-blackouts has been jarringly introduced into the minds of Australians — thus, the potential reality of an impending “energy crisis” has been successfully seeded nationwide. Even if temporarily forgotten, ignored, or hastily dismissed, that malignant seed has been planted — and it will germinate when required. Such a precedent will provide both the necessary context, and the plausible excuse, for executing imminent large-scale “energy crises” — only to justify the ushering of counter policies, measures and laws to restrict the people.

A prolonged period (or even the propagandised threat) of unpredictable rolling-blackouts would result in the shuttering of small businesses, a loss of personal income due to the inevitable dismissal of workers; a general decline in productivity and a collapse of the power dependent supply chain; closure of cities and civilian infrastructure; and suburbs and residential homes being effectively “locked down” and unable to be powered-up amongst the omnipresent candle-broken darkness. A total deindustrialisation.

And then a solution will be offered to curtail all “selfish” electricity consumers: Carbon Credit Scores to limit and monitor and constrict excessive usage. It will all be your fault, and you will be grateful that the government has provided a solution to solve the problem of your making — and to “save the planet” from you! Do you want these blackouts to continue?! They may just kill granny!

THE SOLUTION: electricity allocated by Carbon Credit Score and Social Credit Score adherence, and obedience. Restrictions and electricity calamity will be systemic and ongoing, but it will be somewhat mitigated for those who dutifully prove to be carbon-conscientious and “all in it together” citizens. Will they also be allocated an increased percentage of Universal Basic Income derived from a Central Bank Digital Currency according to their AI monitored behaviour within a Digital ID panopticon?

Carbon Credits, and individualised Carbon Credit Scores will not be optional, they will be mandatory and undemocratically imposed upon all Australians — if we allow it. It is all an anti-human assault by Pathocrats (the rule of psychopaths) on carbon-based lifeforms: us. Atmospheric carbon serves to ‘green the planet,’ feeding vegetation, and promoting the production of oxygen and life — it was never a pollutant, or a contributor to non-existent “global warming.”9 It was always a con. Ergo, a tax on carbon, and a restriction on carbon, is a tax on life, and a restriction on lives.

Irrespective of the pseudo-science owned by the Globalist Climate Change Hoaxers (UN official at the WEF: “We own the science” on Climate Change) we must endeavour to expose the Climate Big Lie and the Climate Liars,10 and resist all attempts at swindling the population into accepting Carbon Credit Scores.

We must stand, and make a stand, for we will not easily rise once we have capitulated to tyranny. It starts with the individual, and it will end when enough individuals unite as a critical mass of informed minds — and together, resolute, we must defy any order to kneel and be fitted with the Carbon Credit yoke.

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